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A Millennials Guide to Fix and Flip Houses

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Have you seen all of the house-flipping shows on TV? Every single one? But now you’re wondering how to get into fixing and flipping houses yourself? We cover the ins and outs of investing in real estate by flipping houses, from finding a “good” deal to leveraging creative finance techniques and lowering your chances of … Read more

Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

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Buying your first home? Many first-time home buyers looking to invest in real estate for the first time need to make the right choices. Home buying is a very exciting, scary, and stressful for buyers. You finally get to own your own home and are responsible for everything, including repairs, problems, and making your home … Read more

Fourplex: An Investors Delight

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Real estate investing is hardly the new gold rush. Savvy real estate investors know about the fourplex, but do you? Many real estate investors have made their fortunes with rental income property and continue to do so.  But they all share one thing- a passion for real estate that only grows stronger with time! Owning … Read more

8 Common Real Estate Investment Myths

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Real estate investment myths are all around us, however, investing in real estate is a huge step towards financial independence. For first-time investors, investing in real estate could be both a thrilling and confusing time. Even after doing extensive research, it is difficult to discern the facts from the inaccurate information swirling on the internet.   … Read more

15 Great Ways to Invest in Multifamily Properties for Better Returns

multifamily properties that someone is wanting to invest in

Real estate investment has been a great way to gain consistently. Among various other classes and types of real estate, multifamily units are preferred these days for several reasons. Investing in multifamily properties is one of the best options for commercial real estate investors. Why? Because they offer stable residential income, even during economic downturns. What … Read more

The Basics of Investing In Real Estate

the basics of investing in real estate

Are you wondering about the basics of investing in real estate? This article intends to provide a comprehensive introduction to real estate investing, starting with answering questions that experienced real estate investors cannot fully explain, such as what “real estate” is and how it works. Real estate investments deserve consideration for individuals and companies who … Read more


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