Tools To Help Save Money – Top 10 Apps List

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Saving money may appear simple, but many people fail to do this consistently. Whether you’re looking for tools to help you save money or just looking to improve your financial situation, this article is for you. The U.S. Federal Reserve reported that the household debt stood at $14.6 trillion in . As well, around 340 … Read more

8 Steps to Budget for a Vacation

Budget for a Vacation

Thinking about booking a vacation this year? If you’re dreaming of sunbathing on a sandy beach but you’re just not sure if you can afford a holiday, this post is for you.  Many people think of vacations as an out-of-reach luxury, but with some careful planning and our eight travel tips, you can budget for … Read more

Budgeting For A High-Deductible Health Plan

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A person’s health should be their number one priority. When you aren’t in good health, it can negatively impact your quality of life, keeping you from pursuing relationships, careers, and passions. So, having access to the proper resources and support for your health is critical.  Health insurance is on this list. One of the most … Read more

Budgeting for Medical Expenses on Irregular Income

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So, you’ve been wondering how to handle healthcare coverage. It may have made you a little nervous about approaching that topic. That is entirely understandable, and you’re not alone.  There are over 70 million freelancers in America who may also have irregular incomes and they all need healthcare, the same as you do.  Knowing your … Read more

5 Ways To Splurge While On A Budget

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Everyone deserves to treat themselves now and then. It’s a crucial part of self-care, which the World Health Organization describes as a vital practice to maintain and promote optimal health while managing an existing disease.   However, you aren’t alone if budgetary constraints make you hesitate to splurge. Inflation has soared beyond the pale, most people’s … Read more

6 Golden Rules To Paying Yourself First

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You have likely heard the importance of saving money for everything from retirement, buying a home, or making regular purchases. You probably know that a budget is the best way to track all the money coming in and going out. However, many budgets focus on paying expenses and putting something into your savings account. Going … Read more


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