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Rick’s passion is personal finance, and works tirelessly to deliver content in an easy-to-understand manner. He’s is an author, investor, mentor, and finance writer. His work has appeared in several high-ranking media placements, including Good Morning America, Washington Post, Yahoo FinanceMSN, NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC News. 

Rick Orford - The Financially Independent Millennial

Born raised in Vancouver, Canada, Rick is fluent in both English and French and is currently working on his Italian. He is an energetic business person who values honesty and integrity.

Rick has is an entrepreneur at heart and started his first business at just 8 years old! But, it wasn’t until the age of 24 when he started his first tech company. A few years later, he sold his business for a significant sum. As you can read in the book, Rick nearly spent all the money!

Then, in 2007, Rick, with his partner Andrea, became pioneers in the VoIP industry, by offering a business phone service that would work from anywhere. Their business became wildly successful having clients of all types, including large publicly traded companies in the US. At this same time, Rick was an elected director of a credit union, partially responsible for a portfolio of deposits exceeding 200M. Being on the board of directors gave Rick inside knowledge of the mortgage and lending business!

Further, through the years, Rick bought, maintained, and improved a significant portfolio of income-generating real estate in British Columbia.

In 2012-2013, Rick became involved in a number of strategic acquisitions in the VoIP industry that helped added significant value to their company. Following this path, their company was acquired by an American ISP in 2014 and allowed Rick to become financially independent and retired early (FIRE) at the age of 35.

In 2015, Rick completed the Canadian Securities Course (Mainly for his own enjoyment) as he enjoys playing an active role in stock and options trading. Also, in 2016, Rick completed the Real Estate Trading course in British Columbia and became a licensed real estate broker through 2018. With the real estate license, Rick specialized in assisting wealthy clients and celebrities with their real estate investment needs.

Rick’s experience in M&A, Banking, & Real Estate has given him an extensive network of business people, to collaborate with, from all over the world.

Today, Rick writes for various outlets, including his main site, The Financially Independent Millennial.  

Samples of his work are found here.   And Here

When not thinking about business, Rick writes for his travel blog, is an enthusiast of fast cars, technology, cooking, and wine.