Top Financial Blogs To Review

Are you looking for the Top Financial Blogs in 2024? Indeed, this list is a comprehensive one. And while each blog has its own unique flair, they are all here to serve a similar purpose: To help people save, earn more, and invest the rest. Please feel free to take a look and say hello to them from us!

Blog NameAbout
Arrest Your DebtArrest Your Debt is a financial blog focused on helping people get out of debt and start building wealth on any income.
Sure DividendSure Dividend finds the best income investments with our continuously updated research database of 600+ securities so you can confidently know what to buy, hold, and sell for retirement income and financial freedom.
Money CrashersMoney Crashers is a site devoted to helping people make smart and practical decisions about all aspects of their lives.
Time in the MarketA financial blog that’s more focused on the journey than the destination. Sure, I talk about my portfolio but I also talk about all the other stuff I try to do while I save for retirement whether it be travel, food, health, or personal growth and career stuff.
FitnancialsFitnancials is a personal finance blog for millennial women who want to pay off debt, start a side hustle or small business, and create a life of financial freedom.
SparkrentalWant to retire early with rental properties? Stack up streams of passive income? Want to learn how to become financially independent? We created this landlord blog to help you do just that. Being a landlord is great, but ultimately rental properties are a means to a greater end: giving you the freedom to lead whatever life you want.
brokeGIRLrichbrokeGIRLrich is for any go-getters out there wondering why it’s so difficult to make a buck, pay off those student loans and buy a house. Bonus points if they also work in the arts.
Inspired ForwardI write about mental health, self improvement, organization/productivity, and type 1 diabetes. Finances impact every area of life. How we make decisions in one area is how we make decisions in all areas. Are you a procrastinator? That shows up in your finances. Do you have an invisible illness? You have to account for that when you’re budgeting. Do you want to have a clean, organized mind? You won’t if you’re caught up in worry about your money situation. How we think about life determines how we experience it. How are you thinking about your money?
Get Rich SlowlyGet Rich Slowly is one of the longest running and most respected personal finance blogs. J.D. Roth and team provide daily information about personal finance and related topics and share stories about debt elimination, saving money, and practical investing. They also cover related topics like simplicity, frugality, and personal development as J.D. believes that personal growth is systemic and that in order to improve financially, you have to improve in other areas of your life.
i am jim miller .comJim Miller is an entrepreneur, accountant, personal finance expert, author, dad and former-rock star focused on creating things that make the world better. His blog is diverse with topics spanning personal finance to podcasts and even more general tips such as goal setting. This is a must-follow for anyone looking to improve their life.
The Budget Savvy BrideThe Budget Savvy Bride helps couples plan beautiful weddings on a budget they can actually afford by sharing practical advice, inspiration, tips, alternatives, and resources to plan their big day the savvy way!
Stocktrades.caCanadian investing website that delivers stock and ETF research on Canadian specific investment options. Over 2.5 million people visited in 2020, and we’ve quickly become one of the largest investment focused websites in the country. Stocktrades Premium is also home to thousands of Canadians who are using our research and tools to earn more with their portfolios.
Retire is one of Canada’s premier websites on retirement planning. It was founded by Jim Yih who is one of Canada’s leading experts on retirement, investing and personal finance. has served millions of Canadians since 2010 with great, practical information to help make retirement the best years of your life.
MapleMoneyMapleMoney’s mission is to help you learn how to make money, save money, invest money, and spend money in a way that helps you create lasting financial freedom. Too many Canadians find themselves drowning in debt and unsure how to get out and build the lives they want. The good news is that it’s possible for your to take control of your money and turn your financial life around. Are you ready to create your map to financial freedom?
The Professional HoboThe Professional Hobo encompasses the adventures of Nora Dunn, who sold her financial planning practice to travel full-time. She parlays her financial expertise plus her travel experience to help people travel full-time in a financially sustainable way. With the latest boom of remote workers, she is focusing on inspiring and helping these folks through the maze of things to do before traveling long-term.
Taylor Hoffman’s Personal Finance BlogEveryday tips for your financial life – handcrafted and curated by Taylor Hoffman’s team of CFP and CPA professionals. founder, Scott Bilker, is the author of the best-selling books, “Credit Card and Debt Management,” “How to be more Credit Card and Debt Smart,” and “Talk Your Way Out of Credit Card Debt.” brings together smart, unconventional strategies for helping you reduce your debt. Scott’s books and website have helped countless people save thousands of dollars! His self-help advice really works! That’s why NBC 10 News calls him “The Money King,” Money magazine calls him, “The King of Extreme Credit,” and SmartMoney calls him, “The Credit Card King.”
Trip Of A LifestyleLauren and Steven quit working at 29. Now helping others reach financial independence too. Life hacks for money and cheap travel ???
Leisure Freak, Retire Early and OftenLeisure Freak, Retire Early and Often through Frugal Living is a site dedicated to those who are truly passionate about retiring early & living their dream lifestyle. Leisure Freak Tommy retired the first time at age 51 and is in his 2nd Retirement living by the “retire early and often” principles. His full name is not revealed because he wishes to rave about this lifestyle but also be able to pursue opportunities of interest or those that he is passionate about in the future. Hiring managers may take exception to the concepts and attitude represented on the site.
Young and the InvestedYoung and the Invested is a financial blog dedicated to helping younger generations invest, manage and plan their money with confidence.
Engineer my FreedomEngineer my freedom is a financial blog that focuses on an Irish investor’s journey to financial freedom. After trying different aspects of investing, Derek lost faith in the current pension system in Ireland and began to take matters into his own hands. Derek found a passion in dividend growth investing and focuses mainly on US and European companies. The blog also covers other personal finance topics such as reducing debt, passive income starting your own business and saving money.
Planner At HeartBringing a personal finance mindset to timeshare ownership, vacation planning, NYC metro region road trips & local family activities.
Tim Thomas CoTim Thomas Co is a site committed to trader and investor education with a focus on teaching swing trading strategies that lead to wealth creation and financial independence.
SmartAssetFounded and headquartered in NYC, SmartAsset is a financial technology company that helps more than 100 million people each month make smart financial decisions. The company publishes data-driven content, topical guides, reviews, personalized calculators, and educational tools to help people navigate life’s big personal finance decisions. Additionally, SmartAsset operates SmartAdvisor, which is the leading independent client acquisition platform for financial advisors in America. Forbes named SmartAsset as one of America’s Best Startup Employers in 2020.
The College InvestorThe College Investor is on a mission to help you escape student loan debt so that you can start building real wealth for the future. We help you navigate your personal finance decisions – so you can escape debt, earn more money, learn how to start investing, and more. We have been providing expert guides, reviews, tutorials, and more for our readers since September 2009. What started out as a personal finance blog by founder Robert Farrington has evolved into a financial media brand reaching millions of readers per month.
My Life, I GuessMy Life, I Guess is a personal finance and career blog by Amanda Kay, an Employment Specialist and older millennial from Ontario, Canada that strives to keep the “person” in personal finance by writing about money, mistakes, and making a living. She focuses on what it’s like being in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, and surviving unemployment while also offering advice and support for others in similar situations – including a FREE library of career & job search resources.
Partners in FireFinancial Independence with a twist – and that twist is enjoying your life! Partners in Fire is about living your dream life and pursuing your passions
Simple RateSimple Rate is a personal finance blog and credit card comparison engine built for Canadians. Each month, over 40,000 Canadians visit Simple Rate to find the best credit cards.
Simply InvestingHelping you earn more, save your time, and reduce your risk when it comes to investing. The Simply Investing blog provides educational articles to help you navigate the world of dividend value investing. Build your confidence and patience as you learn how simple investing can be.
Cash Money LifeCash Money Life provides in-depth articles and advice to help people reach financial freedom. Topics include money management, smart spending, saving money, wise credit card use, tips to improve credit scores, how to get out of debt, insurance tips, and more. We also cover topics such as education, career, and small business.
Dividend PowerFocuses on dividend growth investing with a long-term horizon with the compounding power of dividend growth investing to build wealth. The concept of DGI requires patience and time to work. Dividend Power believes that dividend growth investing can be a component of that.
The Military GuideFinancial independence for military service members, veterans, and families. Topics include financial independence, early retirement, investing, and military-related topics, including military and veterans benefits, VA Loans, retirement benefits, military discounts, and more.
The Retirement ManifestoHelping People Achieve A Great Retirement, through the sharing of my journey prior to, transitioning into, and living in retirement.
Busy BudgeterBusy Budgeter teaches chronically disorganized and severely overwhelmed people how to work with their personality to stick to a budget and manage their home using bare minimum effort on a consistent basis. Their system for home management and budgeting has been used by over 196,000 people and counting.
Simply Safe DividendsWritten by a former equity research analyst and CPA, Simply safe Dividends covers everything you need to know about passive income investing with dividend stocks. From REITs to taxes, portfolio management tips, investing guides, and loads of individual stock research, we touch all the bases.
Do Six FiguresGet help with starting a blog, monetizing your website, and find some great side hustle ideas.
WhatMommyDoesWhatMommyDoes was founded by Lena Gott, CPA as a site that helps mom connect about family finances, having fun with kids, and managing a household. The blog’s primary focus is about managing your family’s money well, including ways to earn a little extra cash to contribute to household finances.
Navient SettlementsNavient Settlements publishes news and advice in relation to legal action against student loan servicing company Navient over its administration of these loans. We aim to help student loan borrowers get compensation and better treatment.
The White Coat InvestorThe financial blog by high-earners, for high-earners. We help those who wear the white coat get a fair shake on Wall Street.
After School FinanceAfter School Finance is here to bring you the finance lessons you never learned in school. From budgeting to investing to paying off debt, we’ve got you covered with all the personal finance education you need to be successful.
RunTheMoneyWe cover a variety of topics that focus on health and budgeting.
WalletHacks.comI share my strategies for getting ahead financially and in life. It is aimed towards young professionals and new families looking to be better with their money in less time using time-tested principles.
My Money ChroniclesMy Money Chronicles is a website that discusses personal finance, side hustles, travel, and more. The website shows people that they can eliminate debt and still have fun in life.
Dividends DiversifyDividends Diversify is a personal finance website with an emphasis on building passive income by investing in dividend stocks.
CollegeBreadCollegeBread is a free online resource that offers in-depth guides and tutorials to help young adults successfully navigate personal finance as it relates to credit cards.
Bella WananaBella Wanana’s mission for her blog is to share her best tips and tricks on personal finance, wellness and ways to live a balanced but fulfilling life, one blog post at a time.
How To FIREHow To FIRE is a blog that discusses personal finance topics such as making money, managing money, saving money, investing, budgeting, and FIRE. It was founded on the premise that getting control of your finances is the key to reaching the freedom and flexibility you want to see in your life. The goal is to make personal finance easy, even if it seems hard at times.
The Real Estate Solutions GuyI’ve always had a passion for learning and helping others in their own endeavors to learn. I love that moment when I see the light click on when the person understands something that was confusing before. After many years as a successful tech instructor in Silicon Valley, I made a huge career move and jumped into real estate. My ultimate goal was to teach real estate, but my first flip was an absolute catastrophe. I lost over $90,000. In my blog, I discuss real estate investing, being a landlord, and other real estate topics.
Swift SalaryWith in-depth yet easy-to-read financial guides, reviews, and stories, Swift Salary is the place to be if you want to learn more about money in less time.
Vital DollarVital Dollar is dedicated to helping readers who want to improve their financial lives. While we published articles related to all aspects of personal finance, we have a strong emphasis on increasing income through side hustles and entrepreneurship.
Caroline is a place for women to learn about personal finances without stressing or needing to get an accounting degree. With a combination of practical money-saving, frugality, and making money at home, more than 6 million women have been helped from the site (and counting).
Financial PilgrimageAt Financial Pilgrimage we help young families pay down debt and live financially free. We share our family’s journey out of six-figure debt to inspire others to do the same.
Money World BasicsMoney World Basics (MWB) is a personal finance blog covering topics on making money, saving money, and investing money. MWB aims to inspire millennial women to take charge of their finances, pursue financial independence, and create lives they love waking up to every day.
The Savvy CoupleReady to take complete control over your time and money? At The Savvy Couple we help families create simple systems to pay off debt, save money with ease, and spend more time doing the things they love.
OpinatronMarc Frau shares his path to financial freedom and everything he has learned about money, investing and finance on the way.
Money Saved is Money EarnedWe’re Sebastian and Tawnya, and we’ll help you unlock the secrets of the financial world. We started this blog to share our knowledge of finance to help others understand finance and reach their money goals. While neither of us are wealthy by family or work, we have been able to reach our money goals and become “rich” through savvy financial planning. Knowing how financial systems work, and how to use the system to your advantage, is the key to becoming “rich,” as we have. Any Money Saved goes back into your pocket, becoming Money Earned, and it all adds up.
The Advisor Coach BlogThis is a blog geared toward helping financial advisors become better business owners.
The Loaded PigWe believe that every man and woman, no matter their age, has the power and ability to achieve their financial goals. That is why we strive to provide valuable information, while at the same time simplifying personal finance topics in order to empower individuals during this rewarding journey.
How Income Taxes Work For Freelance TranscriptionistsWe share how freelance transcriptionists should plan for and be ready for their self-employment tax returns. Since every situation is different we share general things to consider writing off and what to save in case of an audit.
FinanceBuzzAt FinanceBuzz, our mission is to help you get ahead with your finances. We know that money isn’t everything and some people have more than others. We believe it’s not what you have, but what you do with it. With an ethos of financial empowerment and a strong sense of community, we share information in a way that’s easy to understand and gives you the knowledge to make smart financial decisions with confidence.
My Millennial GuideMy Millennial Guide is committed to helping our readers follow smart money and increase their earning potential.
MinafiMinafi helps Millennials reach financial independence early through investing, minimalism & mindfulness.
Making Sense of CentsMaking Sense of Cents is a financial blog that helps readers learn how to save more, earn more, and live more. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, the creator, paid off $40,000 in student loan debt in just 7 months, and currently travels full-time via sailboat. And, she helps readers learn how to reach their dream life as well!
Retire By 45We were able to retire in our early 40’s in January 2015 in the SF Bay Area. Our blog provides tips, inspiration, and resources for achieving FIRE (Financial Independence / Retiring Early) and making the most of the FIRE lifestyle.
Compounding PenniesCompounding Pennies is a personal finance site dedicated to helping people improve their finances one day at a time. By making small changes to your finances on a regular basis, you will see massive results in the future.
Money Smart GuidesA personal finance blog helping people to pay off debt and start building wealth so they can achieve their financial dreams.
Side Hustling MoneySide Hustling Money is a personal finance site aimed at helping people find the right side hustle to make extra money.
This Online WorldThis Online World helps educate people about the best side hustle options, passive income ideas, and money-saving tips to improve their finances. Tom, the author, began the blog back in college when he was trying out new passive income ideas in his spare time. Since then, This Online World has grown to cover the most popular money-making apps, the gig economy, and other popular personal finance topics.
Financial PilgrimageAt Financial Pilgrimage we help young families pay down debt and live financially free. We share our family’s journey out of six-figure debt to inspire others to do the same.
This Online WorldThis Online World helps educate people about the best side hustle options, passive income ideas, and money-saving tips to improve their finances. Tom, the author, began the blog back in college when he was trying out new passive income ideas in his spare time. Since then, This Online World has grown to cover the most popular money-making apps, the gig economy, and other popular personal finance topics.
Mastering the Side JamMastering the Side Jam is a personal finance blog that shares how I paid off my family’s debt, and the money struggles that went along with it. My writing also focuses on redefining purpose in mid-life, having faith in your abilities, and that it’s never too late to make improvements or learn new things. It’s living your best life — no matter your age, or what you’ve endured.
MoneyMiniBlogMy name is Kalen and my story is simple. My wife and I had $24,000 of debt and we wanted out, so I became a student of finances. We are now debt-free and building wealth. I want to share what I’ve learned with you.
Financial PantherA blog about personal finance, financial independence, and side hustling in the gig economy,
Millennial RevolutionFIRECracker and Wanderer retired in their 30’s to travel the world, and want you to come along! We teach people how to manage their own investments, use geographic arbitrage to save money, and how to live their best life post-FIRE.
Add VodkaThere is a TON of financial advice out there, and personal finance blogs are a dime a dozen. Many of them are great – if you want to learn how to save money by cutting back on stuff that you don’t want to cut back on.

For those of you who actually want to make small changes for a big impact in the long term, I think you’ll like what you find here.
Hustle to StartupI write about freelancing, entrepreneurship, and how to build a business that lets you live the life you want to live.
Invested WalletPersonal finance and investing for beginners and beyond.
Mr. Jamie GriffinI help people in debt get excited about budgeting and saving money so they can get out of debt fast! You can find budgeting tips and tricks, budget spreadsheets, a debt snowball spreadsheet, and other tools to help you save money and pay off debt.
Think Save RetireThink Save Retire is a blog about demystifying the art of building wealth so that people can live the life that they design. We share stories from experts in the personal finance space in order to bring you the best tools and resources for saving money, increasing net worth, and reaching financial independence!
Radical FIRERadical FIRE is a personal finance platform that is all about financial independence. At Radical FIRE, you will learn to save money, make more money, and invest to optimize your way to freedom. We want you to reach your financial goals and have fun while doing it!
Personal ProfitabilityPersonal finance for hustlers and entrepreneurs from someone who quit their 9-5 to make six-figures online.
Frugal Asian FinanceYour personal finance space – Doing frugal finances the Asian way
The Barnum ReportThe Barnum Report is sent out to our clients and the general public each month on a free subscription basis. We use the Report to provide relevant, useful, and educational content to the markets we serve. We label the content as “snackable,” meaning it is easy to read quickly and won’t leave you drowning in information.  While the majority of the content in the Report centers on financial services, we understand that information can be a bit heavy at times, so in each issue, we make sure to include a lifestyle piece to make our readers laugh a bit.  
Andrea WorochAndrea Woroch is a nationally-recognized money-saving expert who is passionate about helping families find simple ways to spend less and save more without drastically changing their lifestyle. She covers everything from saving on groceries to lowering monthly bills to cutting healthcare costs, and everything in between. Andrea has been featured on popular media such as Today, Good Morning America, ABC World News, New York Times, Money, Forbes and more.
Fiscal NerdA great financial resource for those looking to learn how to manage their finances, and to get more information on how to get the most of real estate investing and selling their home. This blog is the best place to get your financial and home-buying information. If you are looking to stay up to date on how to be fiscally responsible and also best practices when buying or selling a home, then you won’t regret subscribing to Fiscal Nerd.

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