How Many Jobs Are Available in Property and Casualty Insurers

property and casualty insurers risk premiums

Property and casualty insurers are a vital part of the economy and provide a wide range of services to businesses and consumers. They protect people and property from accidents and other losses. Property and casualty insurers offer a wide range of jobs, from claims adjusters to underwriters. Many companies also offer internships to incoming college … Read more

How Many Jobs are Available in Industrial Machinery Components?

industrial components jobs infographic

Industrial machinery components are an important part of any manufacturing process. The machinery itself and the parts and components that go into it make up the industrial sector. There are many jobs available in this field, as the demand for industrial machinery components will only increase in the future. This is a lucrative field with … Read more

How Many Jobs Are Available in Marine Transportation?

container ship

Marine transportation is a booming industry with many jobs available. The field of marine transportation includes everything from deckhands to captains. It can be a great career choice if you have the necessary qualifications and many opportunities for advancement. This guide will discuss the availability of jobs and discuss all important aspects of joining marine … Read more

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Non-Durables?

people with jobs drinking wine - which is a consumer non-durable

The consumer non-durables industry is growing rapidly with 10’s of thousands of new jobs almost always available. This guide provides an overview of the consumer non-durables industry and examines employment levels in the industry. The guide indicates that there are many jobs available in this sector and that growth is expected to continue in the … Read more


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