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How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer Durables?

Written By: Megan Miller
Reviewed by: Mike Reyes
Last Updated October 5, 2023

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people working in consumer durables jobs

Looking for jobs in consumer durables? The consumer durables sector aims to provide durable goods, such as commercial kitchen equipment and machinery for the construction industry. The consumer durables industry is responsible for manufacturing several durable goods, including tools and equipment such as cars, boats, trucks, rim brakes, or tires.

As of April 15, 2024, the consumer durables industry employs about three million people in the United States. This $2 trillion industry employs millions of people and provides them with high-paying careers.

Let’s talk about consumer durables and the best-paying jobs in the consumer durables industries below!

Consumer Durables vs. Non-Consumer Durables

Consumer durables refer to products designed to endure and meet various durability standards. In contrast, non-consumer durables refer to products that aren’t durable as they are typically not used for often required long periods.

Consumer trends and non-durability typically force products from the consumer durables industry to behave less durably. And more of them are now appearing as ‘non-consumer’ items. By following consumer demands, even non-consumer things can become durable beyond repair or even reach the point of being recycled.

Consumer non-durables refer to products designed to be provided for relatively short periods rather than removed after a long usage cycle. Examples of products in this category include packaging materials, disposable diapers, and office consumables such as printer paper or toner cartridges.

14 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables in 2024

Different consumer durables jobs facilitating trade and commerce are available in the consumer durable industry. The job profile in the consumer durable sector explains the average salaries for those who hold a position within the organization.

In March 2024, personal consumption of durable goods in the US was approximate 2 Trillion dollars. And that means there are plenty of opportunities in this industry.

Let’s look at the best fourteen jobs in the consumer durables sectors!

Sales Manager; Managers

A sales manager can be a good career path for anyone with solid work and attention to detail. Indeed, it’s an incentive-driven position requiring motivation.

In consumer durables, managers are among the highest-paid positions. Supervising teams in a specific department is the responsibility of a sales manager, also known as a supervisor.

Among their primary tasks are the:

  • Hiring and training of personnel,
  • Creation and execution of corporate plans, and
  • The assignment of tasks to team members.

Managers may also handle improvement targets, monitor progress, examine demographic data, and allocate labor tasks.

Sales managers rank first in the field of consumer durables, with a median salary of $132,290.

Marketing Manager

Regardless of the size, a marketing manager should prepare estimated budgets for promotional initiatives and marketing strategies as the most straightforward thing they will ever do. In addition, they must create ready marketing campaigns for approval, collaborate with advertising agencies, engage in discussions, and report the results (or use an automation tool like a Swydo competitor for this purpose.)

In reality, the occupant of this position does a great deal of work to strengthen business processes. And that’s even though marketing management is financially beneficial.

Imagine yourself reading TV spots or online advertising materials and drafting sales and advertising agreements. It must be hard, huh?

Nevertheless, marketing managers earn an average median salary of $142,470, making it one of the best-paying consumer durable jobs.

Senior Executive

marketing manager of consumer durables

Being a senior executive is one of the best-paying consumer durables jobs. A Senior executive occupies the middle tier of senior positions, holding technical jobs that manage a group of employees who report to them about implementing company plans.

This position requires a certificate, expertise, and a burning desire to sell consumer durable goods and increase revenue. The three must be present for you to win this job.

Product marketing, advertising, and launch planning are all responsibilities of the senior executive. Senior executives are in charge of evaluating new and existing client projects using feedback and relevant KPIs.

Products Manager

The product manager is another high-paid profession in the consumer durables industry.

A product manager’s responsibility is to conceive knowledge, link corporate strategy to consumer needs, and design viable, relevant, and acceptable durable consumer goods. Even if you get a high salary, you’ll work out as much as you work for Samsung or LG.

It is also the responsibility of the PM to improve a product to meet both business goals and consumer needs.

Human Resource Manager

The human resource management profession is highly lucrative with a lot of prestige.

Planning, organizing, and controlling the firm’s administrative activities in a meaningful way is part of the job of human resources managers.

The human resource manager’s office interview, recruit and hire new employees. For idea implementation, they also confer with senior executives.

Administrative Assistance

Administrative assistant majors in a company work to assist the top workers in their duties.

In the consumer durables industries, administrative assistants earn handsome wages. Applicants for this position should have excellent verbal and interpersonal abilities.

Administrative assistants are responsible for disseminating information to their coworkers, answering phone calls, preparing reports, and arranging meetings and other tasks.

As a result, if you want to compete for this position, excellent communication abilities and solid interpersonal relations are required.

Media Planner

According to the findings, a media planner’s annual salary is $79,748 per year in the consumer durable industry. It is one of the positions in consumer durable occupations with attractive pay.

As a result, a media planner’s responsibility is to choose the best and most appropriate media outlets for brand or product advertisements.

They work for big media organizations or advertising agencies to maximize the impact of advertising campaigns.

In this regard, a media strategist must be aware of the numerous medium platforms accessible, their distinctions, traits, and types of audiences.

As a result, they use mathematical formulas to choose which advertising style is appropriate for their targets by looking at demographic statistics.

In light of this, you’ll be able to identify the sorts of goods that match radio jingles, TV advertising, Internet advertising, and billboards.

Sales Representative

Being a salesperson for any big consumer durables company might be interesting.

Your prospects of working in consumer durables as a sales rep are high if you have a degree in business or marketing and strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Sales representatives spend most of their time pitching the company’s products to prospective clients to boost sales instead of other job possibilities in this business.

Field sales representatives represent the company before prospective customers.

Account Manager

a literary agent discussing Culture-Based Recruiting

Account managers are one of the most coveted professions in today’s ever-growing consumer durables sector.

This tremendous support is not due to some faraway reason. Accountants have a strong resumes and professional experience.

As a result, people are drawn to work in consumer durable goods, where they will be paid handsomely.

Notwithstanding this, it is the responsibility of an account manager to engage with the target audience in person. He is also responsible for ensuring that the company’s routine tasks of responding to clients’ demands and managing their accounts are correct.

Seeing an account manager perform too many duties is no big deal like any high-paying consumer durables job. Ultimately, focusing on the customer’s interest in their account status is part of their job.

To put it another way, you’ll have to perform as a salesperson, financial advisor, technical expert, and so on at some point in your career.

Business Analyst

Your job here is to examine and identify the part of the company’s operation that needs improvement to improve the company’s business processes.

Corporate analysts typically collaborate with every organization member to discuss what they discovered about their work.

At this point, it’s vital to emphasize that having no prior expertise in specific domains isn’t sufficient to become a company analyst.

If you can help carry out modifications, your level of expertise in office tasks and organizational circumstances will play a role.

Nonetheless, if you’re sure that you can build financial models to help business decisions, objectives, needs, and corporate plans, then go for it.

At the very least, Business Analysts in large businesses such as LG, Apple, Microsoft, Haier, or Samsung earn an average salary of $77,218 per year.

Customer Success Manager

A customer success manager works to improve customer satisfaction to ensure that customers will be willing to buy from your business in the future.

This differs depending on where you are based and what kind of products or services you offer.

Customer success managers also hold a unique role in the offer they provide their customers, giving them an advantage over other business people.

The main thing to remember here is that your most important focus will be on improving customer satisfaction at all levels of the organization and increasing retention rates from 1-2% up to between 3-5%.

If you want to work as a customer success manager, you should know where you are, what your company’s needs are, and how to satisfy them.

For these goals to come true, characteristics such as professionalism will help greatly. Your ability to communicate with customers in short amounts of time is critical so that companies can provide solutions quickly following customer contact by email or phone call (QR Codes).

Strategy Consultant

Another consumer durables job opportunity you should consider is strategy consultant if you have the necessary qualifications.

The role of strategy consultants in most big firms is to investigate the firm’s goals and business processes. Suggestions on how to achieve the target should be given at the conclusion.

In addition, they are responsible for offering company growth solutions such as cost-cutting, revenue generation, making essential decisions, and discovering lucrative patterns.

According to statistics, strategy consultants reportedly earn at least $70,000 per month at the beginning level in the consumer durables industry.

Staff Accountant

As part of a team, a Staff Accountant is an accounting professional responsible for financial documents for a corporation.

They’re responsible for ensuring IRS compliance, reconciling bank statements, and balancing the ledgers for regular reports. In 2024, staff accountants can expect to earn a median salary of $49,858 per year.

Communications Coordinator

A Communications Coordinator assists the communications department’s implementation and monitoring of communication plans.

This job includes public relations and marketing materials, such as press releases, blog entries, and newsletters.

Studying and reporting on marketing and communication methods and arranging promotional activities are part of the job.

Communications Coordinators may work for educational institutions, small businesses, and corporations in any industry and within various organizations.

Depending on the size and structure of the company, this job might change. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or journalism is joint among Communications Coordinators, although it isn’t required.

Bottom Line

The consumer durables industry is quite dynamic. Goods are in high demand, and there’s a great need because of the electronic advances we’re seeing today. Keeping certain companies ahead of their competitors can be difficult when you don’t have easy access to information or if it isn’t given out freely by the company itself (it may not even be readily available).

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Is Consumer Durables a Good Career Path?

Great career path. If you are interested in the industry and detail-oriented, this career is fantastic! It’s a dynamic field that integrates all aspects of technology while delivering tangible results to customers daily.

Can I Work in Consumer Durables From Home?

Probably not. Due to the business nature of this company, most employees are required to work from a brick-and-mortar office space. Although you can have clients come and meet with you in your home or at a local restaurant, there may be an issue if people cannot reach you by phone; call center workers are in constant contact with clients when dealing over the telephone for the problems that need immediate attention.

Is it Difficult to Get a Job at Consumer Durables?

It is much easier if you have the background and experience than if you try to break into other industries. The work can be very demanding; if NOT kept up with properly, many little details need your attention for everything else, including sales teams, service representatives, and customer satisfaction team members will be taken care of by others.

What is the Environment Like at Consumer Durables?

Despite working with several department teams, there is a strong emphasis on communication within this organization which makes it easier to get along except for some close-knit groups of people that may want to form their own smaller groups and allegiance.

How Long is a Typical Day at the Consumer Durables?

7-10 hours, depending on the specific department and sales territories covered. Some may work shorter or have more events to help meet targets, while others typically earn average salaries of over USD 50,000 per year with bonuses/commissions when they exceed their goals.

What Do I Need For Success as An Employee in Consumer Durables?

Work ethic goes without saying; good communication skills (both spoken and written) and a sense of direction are vital. A hard worker with good communication skills across all departments would be given an edge in this industry.

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