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5 Hobbies That Can Help Build Wealth

Written By: Ava Roman
Reviewed by: Mike Reyes
Last Updated July 13, 2023

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If you’re looking for extra money, consider building your wealth by doing something you love. Your hobbies could be an excellent source of income, letting you combine business with pleasure. Here are five hobbies that can bring more money in.

1. Gardening 

Man Holding Orange Electric Grass Cutter on Lawn

If you love tending to crops in a garden, you can use your prized produce, flowers and herbs to bring in income. 

Produce and plants are often popular at farmer’s markets and allow you to sell your products directly to those who will enjoy them. It gives you immediate cash and lets your customers ask questions about your growing methods. 

If you have an herb garden, you can dry and jar them for customers to use in various dishes. When appropriately dried, they could last for years. Plus, customers will likely enjoy locally-grown options. 

You could also grow flowers and start a florist shop, where you can create bouquets and arrangements for many occasions. Open a physical location or set up an online shop to arrange the flowers at your home. 

If you have the extra land, consider expanding your garden to accommodate high-demand products. 

Local restaurants might also get interested in local produce. You could arrange a deal to get your crops on store shelves, providing a relatively consistent source of income. You could also check with local grocery stores. 

If you raise your plants from seeds, there is often a good market for selling seedlings. More and more people want to grow their plants but get intimidated by starting seeds. Doing so for them could give you a substantial profit. 

You could also cultivate heirloom seeds from well-producing plants to sell to other home gardeners. 

2. Making Clothes and Accessories

Curly haired ethnic female designer making creative handmade accessories

If you enjoy making clothes and accessories for your family, consider selling them. Homemade items are often unique and sustainable, making them attractive to many customers. 

Knit or crochet hats, gloves, and sweaters to warm people on cold days. It’s hard to replicate the look and feel of these hand-made items in a factory. They can be fast to make, and you can use different colors and weaves to market your products to a varied audience. 

Customers often want their jewelry to stand out, and with some skill and creativity, you can provide attractive options that differ from prominent jewelers. Use different clays, metals, and beads to create earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in various sizes, shapes and colors. 

You can create hair accessories for adults and children with some ribbon, elastics, and thread. Choose unique fabrics to make accessories you don’t see in stores. 

If you are an animal lover, consider delving into custom collars, leashes, and identification tags. You can engrave and embroider them for local pets. 

You can sell your items on platforms like Etsy or take your clothes and accessories to vend at local markets and festivals. 

3. Writing 

If you love to write, you can freelance to earn more income. 

Many online and print publications accept submissions from writers and will pay you for your contribution. Local event coverage, movie reviews, and long-form pieces are all ways to become a regular contributor to the right publication. 

You could also start your blog about something you love. Create a consistent posting schedule and marketing plan to get more readers. You can use analytics to track how many people visit your site and what demographics they fall in. As your blog grows, you can use the data to attract sponsors, who will pay you to advertise your place. 

A long-term goal could be to write a book you can self-publish or submit to different publishers to get into bookstores. Sales can bring a significant income increase. 

4. Baking

Person Baking Cookies on Tray

If you love to bake, consider using it as a secondary income source. You can prepare your favorite treats to sell at local markets or bake sales. 

You could also make custom cakes, cookies, and pies that you can produce and decorate in your free time. Open online order request forms that customers submit. Make the treats in your home and deliver them to the event venue. 

Like gardening, you can consult with local stores and restaurants about getting your baked goods into their businesses and splitting the profits. 

You could open up a small bakery to serve your community with the right opportunity. 

5. Photography 

Many opportunities exist for budding photographers to grow their skills and make extra money. 

Put together a portfolio that you can advertise to clients and venues. You can photograph weddings, senior portraits, and family pictures around your community. 

Many companies seek freelance photographers for school photographs for yearbooks, sporting events, and graduation ceremonies. 

You can submit your nature and event photographs to magazines and news sources. You could also use them to create cards and calendars for your customers. 

There are also money-making opportunities when you submit to stock photography sites. Do your research to see which photo category lacks and fill in the gaps with yours. 

Growing Your Wealth With Hobbies

Hobbies are great stress relievers, but you can also use them to make some extra money. By doing what you love and advertising your products or services, you can create a life-changing secondary source of income. 

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