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14 Blogs That Will Keep You Updated On Crypto News

Written By: Matt Casadona
Reviewed by: Mike Reyes
Last Updated October 26, 2022

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Finding useful investment information can be difficult, especially for new investors. If you want to invest in cryptocurrency, you’ll need to constantly research and educate yourself about the different types of crypto and how to invest to receive a more significant return on your investment. Cryptocurrency is no longer a niche topic, so it was easy to find information. As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, it becomes increasingly difficult to find accurate information. If you’re unsure which crypto blogs have the best information about crypto investments, you’re in luck. Here are the blogs that will keep you updated on crypto news, from how much crypto to invest into the best cryptos to invest in. 

Crypto Daily

Crypto Daily is an unbiased news site that covers various crypto topics, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. They also cover NFT content to help you keep up with recent events in crypto. Daily Crypto was founded in 2019 and started as a free-to-publish platform. However, Crypto Daily now uses a different model to reach more people. Crypto Daily covers more news and information than many other outlets and aims to become the number one resource for crypto and blockchain news. 

The publication believes in journalistic ethics, such as remaining neutral. Outside factors, including paid articles, do not influence the editorial team. 


CoinMarketCap is a price-tracking crypto website to make crypto easily discoverable and more mainstream. It was founded in 2013 and has become one of the most trusted sources for crypto news. The media also uses this website to compare crypto assets, and major outlets, including Bloomberg, typically cite them. 

CoinMarketCap is now owned by Binance Capital Management, a global blockchain company. CoinMarketCap will use its parent company to get more data into crypto projects and bring higher-quality data to its users. 

Daily Coin

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Daily Coin is an online news outlet that covers news, opinions, and trends on blockchain technology and digital assets. It has a multinational team to cover a wide range of topics and deliver quality content on crypto, focusing on Bitcoin. DailyCoin is an excellent resource for new crypto investors to introduce them to the market with high-quality, helpful content. Their goal is to educate their audience and provide them with all sides of the topic. 


Forbes dedicates a section of its website to blockchain and crypto news. It offers advice and strategies to its readers by covering talks with crypto investors. While crypto is only covered in a portion of the website, you can expect unbiased, quality reporting on the industry and current trends. 

News BTC

News BTC is another excellent online publication focusing on cryptocurrency. It has been around since 2013 to bring quality news, reviews, and technical analysis to the cryptocurrency community. This website covers Bitcoin and mainstream crypto, and you’ll also find opinion articles and predictions of crypto. 

The primary audience of this publication is experienced traders, so it might not be the right resource for beginners. However, NewsBTC has tons of expert interviews with tips and opinions. 


CoinTelegraph was founded in 2013 as a leading independent media resource covering much news about blockchain and crypto. The website delivers fresh news and perspectives daily by covering in-depth analytics and comprehensive price charts. 

All of CoinTelegraph’s articles are informative, and it’s an excellent resource for investors of all levels. This online publication also has a comic strip style with a colorful banner for every article to attract excitable readers. 

Cryptocurrency News (CCN)

CCN is a comprehensive cryptocurrency resource with a blog covering topics including Bitcoin and blockchain. It offers accurate news in an easy-to-read format for beginner and expert investors. 


CoinDesk is similar to Forbes in that it has a variety of topics revolving around business and technology. However, it has a section dedicated to cryptocurrency, and most articles include cryptocurrency in some aspects. CoinDesk’s prices are commonly featured in Bloomberg, Business Insider, and CNBC, acting as the industry standard for crypto pricing. CoinDesk also hosts industry events and webinars


TheCCpress is a digital media and information services website that offers relevant news about crypto and blockchain technology. It’s an independent publication covering the latest news, prices, and current events. It also has a myriad of comprehensive guides and tutorials that are great for beginners. TheCCpress offers basic education to connect investors and help beginners invest in crypto easily. 


More than a blog, CoinJoy is a news aggregator and portfolio tracker that’s only two years old, but it’s an easy-to-access all-in-one source for crypto investors. This publication covers various topics within fintech, including news, projects, and expert interviews. This publication also aggregates other reputable media sources and social media platforms with articles curated and fact-checked by their team members. 


TodayOnChain is a news website offering information exclusively on cryptocurrency, and it publishes articles with information about trending cryptocurrencies and ICOs. They also offer a weekly newsletter for readers who want the latest news sent straight to their inboxes. 

Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is an excellent publication for staying updated on recent Bitcoin news. However, it also covers other crypto and industry trends, including trading and mining. Bitcoin Magazine’s website informs readers about everything happening in the crypto world, making it a grand starting palace for beginners. 


Coinspeaker is another crypto news site that offers current events and trends in the crypto market. The articles are updated frequently and feature expert advice and interviews who share opinions on crypto-related topics, making it the perfect place to learn more about the best types of investments. 


Coindoo is a digital media services website that covers cryptocurrency and blockchain. They offer relevant information for investors of all levels, including price predictions, guides, and tutorials. This website provides readers with high-quality content from the crypto world so you can stay updated with trends. 

Final Thoughts

Learning about crypto is easy when you know which blogs can provide you with the best, most up-to-date information. You should always vet the news sources you plan to rely on for your crypto news to make the best investment decisions.

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