Bolster Your Trading Strategy With The Volume Oscillator

screen full of stock numbers

We’ve discussed various technical indicators in our previous posts. Relative strength index, moving averages, 52-week highs, and exotic-sounding TA indicators like Ichimoku Kinko Hyo have all been dissected here. All such indicators have distinct advantages and weaknesses, and we’ve discussed where they can be best employed. Aside from that, you’ll notice that we always emphasize … Read more

Get Ready to Trade Reversals Using the Wedge Pattern!

computer screen showing stock charts and securities

We talked about triangle patterns in our last pattern article. If you’ve started to apply the strategy in your trading and investing, you’ll notice that some patterns that ostensibly look like triangles don’t quite fit with the usual ascending, symmetrical, or descending arrangements because of how their trendlines converge. If that’s the case, you’re probably … Read more

Should You Be Wary of the Death Cross?

Man with Laptop on Desk Terrified by Stock Market Chart

Technical analysis is full of fun little terms like “bear trap,” “gravestone doji,” “falling knife,” “widow maker,” and “doomsday call.” Each term represents a specific scenario or pattern analysts use in everyday trading — and they’re usually not as bad as they sound. However, one chart pattern stands “head and shoulders” above those ominous expressions … Read more


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