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Our goal is to help you find dividend stocks trading at fair or better prices with strong competitive advantages and shareholder friendly managements. Additionally, we believe investors can improve their returns by minimizing investing fees and focusing on long-term results instead of short-term performance.

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Top 4 High Dividend ETFs To Buy Now

Written by Jonathan Weber for Sure Dividend Income investors that want some inflation protection will likely not go with Treasuries or other fixed-income investments. With fixed income securities, income growth is not possible and inflation will cause buying power losses in real terms over time. Instead, equities can be a good choice for a combination …

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How To Invest In Dividend Stocks For Income

There are plenty of different ways to invest, and which one is ‘best’ will depend upon the individual investor’s personal situation. There has been one particular investing strategy that has afforded investors upside participation when markets are rising, modest downside protection when markets are falling, and steady dividend income throughout, making it a winning strategy …

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