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5 Best Dividend Aristocrats Today

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When it comes to dividend growth investing, there’s no doubt that dividend aristocrats are worth watching. Dividend aristocrats are S&P 500 listed companies with a track record of consistently paying out dividends to their shareholders and increasing those payouts for over 25 consecutive years. What else makes dividend aristocrats such a potentially good investment? For … Read more

Why the Magnificent 7 Will Reign Supreme in 2024

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The “Magnificent Seven” stocks sound pretty amazing, don’t they? The Magnificent 7 is a list of seven stocks that have performed exceptionally well in 2023. These businesses have dominated the news, and as of Q1’23, they are still the fastest-growing stocks in America. These stocks are Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Nvidia, Meta Platforms (Facebook), … Read more

Get’em While They’re Hot: 3 Previously Oversold Dividend Kings


2022 was one of the most challenging periods for investors in the stock market, from persistent inflation to consecutive interest rate hikes that lasted till this year. These ongoing macroeconomic issues created a lot of difficulties for most investors. Throughout the year, investors remained skeptical about the prospects of improvement as analysts continued to predict … Read more

These Top 10 AI Companies Could Turn $1,000 to $1,000,000

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Looking for AI companies to invest in? Stock markets have always been an ever-evolving landscape. Over time, certain technologies come out of nowhere to disrupt the market. Our constant strive for innovation has propelled society faster than expected. In recent years, one market-disrupting innovation, A.I. or Artificial Intelligence, has been constantly discussed in the news. … Read more

Top Ten Dividend Companies to Watch This Week

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The market ended the week with mixed results, with Financial stocks slowly recovering and Communication Services ending with -3.05%. The S&P500 and Dow Jones Indices also performed flatly, with S&P500 ending at -0.10% and -0.23%. Investors are still waiting for clear signals with next week’s potential interest rate hike and mixed earnings results.  Index Last … Read more

10 Communication Stocks Dominating The Market

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The markets ended lower as soft economic data affirmed a higher potential for the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike, dampening investor enthusiasm. The S&P closed at a meager 0.79%, while the Dow closed at -1.18%. Consumer Services and Information Technology stocks still dominate YTD by sector performance, while Financials is still the worst-performing sector. With … Read more


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