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Tips To Help You Pass The California Real Estate License Exam

Written By: Jodie James
Reviewed by: Mike Reyes
Last Updated October 19, 2021

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Working in real estate in California is an enormous undertaking. The most ambitious professionals in this sector often base themselves here.  In this article, you’ll discover 5 tips to pass the California real estate license exam.

Most brokerages in California only work with realtors rather than real estate agents. There are key differences between the two disciplines, with the former often considered more prestigious and impressive. Swearing an additional oath to prioritize your client’s interests, those in California who join the National Association of Realtors could greatly embolden their careers. 

Still, if you are at the beginning of a real estate career, you first need to pass your real estate license exam in California. After that, you will be supplied with a realtor license that authenticates your services. It would help if you kept a few things in mind as you proceed with this testing time. We have listed what they are down below.

Enlist on a Prep Course

Only those who answer 70% of the questions correctly will pass the exam. It is a high threshold to meet, and you need to better your chances of succeeding however possible.

The California real estate licensing exam is multiple choice, but as there are over 100 questions to contend with, it is highly unlikely that you will pass on guesswork alone. Sufficient preparation is required, and an aptly named prep course can ensure you do that just fine. 

Remember that the best prep courses will cover content related to your state’s requirements. You can also receive tips around the scheduling of your studies. Ultimately, those who embark on a prep course first are significantly more likely to pass on their first try, so this is an opportunity you cannot pass up. 

Enroll at a Reputable Real Estate School 

There are many real estate schools in California. Your chances of passing your real estate licensing exams may increase if you attend the right one for you. 

Agent Advice has school comparison tools, giving you a detailed breakdown of which institutions can help you secure your California realtor license efficiently. Each offering is rated on a five-star system, but you can also link the links for deeper insights for information on what makes each institution effective. You can also uncover additional details about realtor exams and licensing here, from frequently covered areas to lists of the best prep providers. 

The level of education you receive may make a big difference in your exam prospects. Considering that there is not much room for error, you should engage with the best resources you possibly can. Why settle for anything less?

Realtors-to-be can be hungry for success. If you consider yourself ambitious, it is crucial to pair your aspirations with a grounded sense of reality. A top-quality real estate school can give you that sense of perspective and ensure that you do not get in over your head. 

Engage Experienced Individuals 

It is never a good idea to go into any exam completely blind. Try to gain as many insights as possible before the big day. 

If you are hoping to break into the real estate industry, you hopefully have a few connections to your name by now. Friends who’re in the industry will suffice, or even loose family connections will be enough.

Questions about passing the California real estate licencing exam

  • How challenging they found the material – They could provide tips and tricks around study and revision tactics. 
  • If they had any stress management techniques – Remember that regular college students experience a lot of stress, so there is little reason to suspect you will not either. Enquire about stress management, and put their tips into practice. Remember that the exam is very long, and your endurance will be tested. 
  • Where you could perhaps improve – Answers may vary here depending on how well your connection knows you, but getting some honest feedback about your approach, knowledge, and mindset could be invaluable. Discussing weak areas of your study may also be prudent. 
  • What feelings came after – If they describe the euphoria they felt after hitting or surpassing the 70% benchmark, you may feel yourself become more motivated and double down on your efforts. 

Take care not to take too much of your connection’s time, particularly if they are not close friends or family members. However, if the connection has made it clear they are offering their support, try to gain as much exam insight as possible. 

Remember that exams can change over time, from the content they cover to the conditions they are taken. Veterans of the industry may not fully recollect every aspect of taking their licensing exam either. While all recollections and advice are valuable, try not to treat every word spoken as gospel.

Think About Spending

There is no hard limit on the number of times you can take the California real estate license exam during the two-year period that you are eligible. However, this does not mean that you should repeatedly take it without a care in the world, hoping that your luck might change. 

Each attempt to pass will cost you a new application and a non-refundable fee of $60. It may not seem like an enormous amount of cash at first, but if you keep trying and trying, it may obviously start taking a toll on your finances – especially if you have limited funds to begin with. 

Real estate professionals have been able to pass the exam first try before. In the interest of saving yourself some money, you should hope to do the same. Otherwise, hunkering down and budgeting for each attempt is in your best interests. Leave a healthy waiting period between each exam sitting so that you have ample time to study more, then give it another go. You have two years to sit the exam from the time of applying, so take your time and spend wisely. 

Unsurprisingly, California is often touted as one of the most expensive states to live in, so it is worth remembering the value of your money here. Rich Californians did not become wealthy by wasting their money on pursuits they were not 100% committed to. Take those lessons to heart, and do everything in your power to make sure each spend of $60 is the last. 

Do Not Forget the Basics

Some exam tips are universal. Leading a healthy lifestyle at this crucial period is imperative. 

Research how much sleep you will need so that you can be confident of securing a good night’s rest during the exam period. Ensure that you are eating healthily and consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables. Water should be your primary drink during this time too. 

Avoid last-minute studying into the early hours. Frankly, if you have to review exam content at the eleventh hour, you have likely scheduled things very poorly. It is much better to enjoy 30 minutes of intermittent study over a long period than cramming the night before, so be sure to pace things properly. 

Protect your mental well-being. While passing the first time is highly advisable, you can always try again if things do not go to plan. Try to add unnecessary pressure on yourself. Look back on your notes and any achievements in your learning, and allow yourself to feel confident. Keep in mind that, with enough determination, anything is possible. You will be a qualified realtor in no time! 

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