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Six Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant For Your Real Estate Company

Written By: Rick Orford
Reviewed by: Mike Reyes
Last Updated August 1, 2023

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There is no doubt that real estate can be a profitable business investment, which is why real estate professionals are always in high demand. 

A real estate professional’s duties include more than just pursuing and closing deals. Realtors have incredibly hectic schedules and must work long hours while juggling multiple responsibilities. And very soon, things may become too much to handle.

However, the overly glamorous life of “hustle” does not provide much satisfaction. You will require assistance if you want to advance the situation.

It would be wonderful to have an assistant to assist you with the time-consuming administrative tasks of your office. However, hiring an internal assistant can be costly because you must cover their salary and other expenses like infrastructure and employee benefits. 

A virtual assistant is exactly what you need in this situation!

These competent professionals carry out their crucial administrative support and specialized services for real estate firms from a distance. This article will examine the advantages of virtual real estate assistants and how they can help you grow your company. To begin with, let’s delve a bit more into their role.

Who are real estate virtual assistants?

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A real estate virtual assistant is a self-employed contractor assisting brokers, agents, and businesses with various tasks. They can manage administrative, marketing, and customer service tasks from their location and offer real estate professionals helpful support.

What type of tasks can a real estate virtual assistant do?

Real estate virtual assistants can handle various tasks, including the following:

  • Email correspondence management 
  • Updating real estate listings 
  • Performing market research 
  • Arranging property showings
  • Social media data mining
  • Generating and nurturing leads 
  • Coordinating finances and paperwork
  • Setting up and verifying appointments with buyers and sellers
  • Website upkeep
  • Bookkeeping and data entry
  • Making monthly newsletters
  • Leveraging SEO tools
  • Secondary and primary research
  • Obtaining customer feedback 

How to hire the most suitable real estate virtual assistant?

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant can transform your company, but finding the right fit takes careful thought and planning. Follow these steps to ensure a successful hiring process:

Define Your Requirements: List the tasks and responsibilities you want your real estate virtual assistant to handle. These could include responding to email inquiries, updating property listings, scheduling appointments, conducting market research, getting more followers for your brand on social media, and other tasks. Outlining your requirements clearly will assist you in finding a virtual assistant with the appropriate skill set.

Investigate Virtual Assistant Companies: Look for reputable virtual assistant companies or platforms like Wishup specializing in real estate support. These platforms frequently conduct pre-screening and background checks on applicants, saving you time. To work with a dependable and trustworthy service provider, see their reviews, recommendations, and past performance.

Look for Relevant Experience: Prioritize candidates with pertinent industry experience when choosing a virtual assistant for real estate. Seek virtual assistants with experience working with real estate agents or with a background in the real estate business. They will integrate into your business more quickly if they know the terms, protocols, and processes used in real estate.

Evaluate Your Communication Skills: In a virtual workplace, good communication is essential. Look for applicants with practical written and verbal communication abilities. An effective communicator can interact with customers, respond to questions, and professionally represent your company.

Interview candidates: After you have narrowed down your list of candidates, interview them virtually to determine whether or not their qualifications align with your company’s objectives. Ask them about their prior experience, how they deal with difficulties, and how they approach working with real estate professionals at this time.

Test Compatibility and Skills: As part of the interview process, give the final candidates a task or a sample project. This enables you to assess their abilities, attention to detail, and ability to complete quality work within the timeframe specified.

Clarify Terms and Agreements: Before concluding the hiring process, ensure all terms, agreements, and expectations have been thoroughly discussed and documented. To prevent misunderstandings later on, clearly define the scope of work, working hours, payment terms, benefits packages for employee wellbeing, and any other pertinent information.

Benefits of hiring a real estate assistant

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Saved money

Saving money is one of the most significant advantages of working with a virtual assistant for real estate. A real estate virtual assistant, instead of a full-time employee, is compensated for their work (typically hourly).

You are not required to provide them with insurance or any other legally required benefits typically provided to regular employees. Since they operate remotely, you will not have to pay for their office space, internet service, or electricity, which can significantly reduce overhead costs.

Because they no longer require training, real estate virtual assistants also enable you to reduce your training expenses. Remember that the majority of virtual assistants for real estate have years of experience working in the field, so you can immediately assign them tasks without much instruction or direction.

Hiring a virtual assistant is undoubtedly a great way to save money for any company looking to grow.

Improved work quality

The vast improvement in work quality is among the key benefits of hiring a VA for real estate. These virtual assistants are valuable assets to real estate professionals because they have a wide range of skills, values, and developed character and have received advanced training and certifications.

Virtual assistants in real estate are skilled at completing various tasks with accuracy and knowledge. They make sure that leads are developed into devoted customers by organizing property listings, managing clients and contacts, and effectively handling the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. 

Real estate professionals can ensure their business operations run smoothly and effectively by delegating these tasks to a knowledgeable virtual assistant.

Furthermore, virtual assistants with specialized skills can provide invaluable assistance in preparing critical client presentations. Their expertise improves the quality and impact of client interactions, whether creating visually appealing slideshows or compiling market research data.

Enhanced productivity

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Real estate professionals can reclaim valuable work hours by delegating time-consuming and repetitive tasks to a skilled virtual assistant. These tasks may include email management, property listing updates, market research, paperwork, and appointment scheduling.

Real estate professionals can shift their focus to high-priority activities that directly impact their business growth now that these responsibilities are in capable hands. The main priorities shift to client meetings, relationship-building, networking with potential buyers and sellers, and deal-negotiating. Agents and brokers can work more effectively and efficiently thanks to this sharpened focus on essential tasks, which boosts output and increases success in their real estate endeavors.

Easy access to seasonal talent

Finding qualified candidates for temporary positions can be difficult during the seasonal hiring process because many workers prefer full-time employment. Virtual assistants, on the other hand, provide the ideal response to these seasonal fluctuations without the burden of long-term commitments.

A virtual assistant can seamlessly support your team when your real estate business experiences a spike in activity during peak seasons, such as high-demand property sales or rentals periods. 

Because virtual assistants are available on a contractual basis, you can hire them only for the time corresponding to your busy weeks or months. By doing this, you can manage the increased workload without hiring full-time workers who might not be needed once the busy season ends.

You can effectively handle tasks like managing client inquiries, scheduling property showings, updating listings, and performing market research by utilizing the knowledge of virtual assistants during seasonal peak times. Their assistance ensures that your company maintains responsiveness and client-centeredness, offering top-notch service even during difficult times.

Happy customers

Offering exceptional customer service is essential for developing a solid reputation and fostering long-term client relationships in light of the rising competition and customer expectations.

Virtual assistants play a crucial role in providing top-notch customer service by handling various communication tasks efficiently and professionally. They can respond quickly to client inquiries via email, phone, or social media. This quick response time makes a good impression by demonstrating your commitment to meeting client needs as soon as possible.

Additionally, virtual assistants can follow up on leads and potential clients, ensuring no opportunity is missed. In real estate, consistent follow-up is essential for nurturing potential buyers and sellers and converting leads into loyal clients by establishing loyalty programs. Virtual assistants can keep clients informed and reassured throughout the buying or selling, which is especially important during potentially stressful transactions.

Improved conversions

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In the real estate industry, generating and converting business leads into clients is complex and time-consuming. It necessitates consistent follow-up efforts and lead-nurturing activities, all to develop strong relationships with potential clients and, ultimately, close deals. This is where a real estate virtual assistant makes a significant difference by streamlining the lead management process and increasing closing rates. 

Virtual assistants can effectively handle the critical task of following up with potential clients. They can create automated email sequences to keep leads engaged and updated on new properties, market updates, and other pertinent information. These timely and personalized communications maintain potential clients’ interest in your real estate business.

Virtual assistants can also hold routine Skype calls or video conferences with prospective customers. They can answer specific questions, provide individualized recommendations, and establish rapport through these one-on-one exchanges. Virtual assistants establish trust and dependability through regular communication, which is essential for lead conversion.

Key Takeaways

Incorporating a virtual real estate assistant into your team can be a game-changer for your company. These experts provide various services, allowing you to concentrate on your primary duties and give your customers first-rate care. 

By hiring from a reputable virtual assistant company like Wishup, you can harness the power of virtual assistance and grow your real estate business to new heights. They provide a 7-day free trial to check out the VAs and instant replacements if you are unsatisfied with your assistant.

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