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Romantic Wedding Proposal Ideas At Home

Written By: Daisy Moss
Reviewed by: Mike Reyes
Last Updated October 21, 2021

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a will you marry me sign that makes a Romantic Wedding Proposal Idea At Home

A proposal is one of the biggest moments in a couple’s life, however, one size doesn’t fit all! Having a huge proposal in front of a big crowd just isn’t for some people, so we are here to offer some alternatives for romantic wedding proposal ideas at home! 

You are likely to have been saving for a ring, so there is no pressure to spend lots more money on an extravagant trip or meal for the proposal. Keeping things simple is the right choice for many couples, so prepare to be inspired to create the perfect moment with one of these wedding proposal ideas at home!

Candlelit Dinner

A traditional, affordable, and very romantic choice as a wedding proposal idea at home is a candlelit dinner. If you can, book the afternoon off work and set up a table covered with candles (safely!), create place settings, get a bottle of wine and arrange some flowers. Adjust the lighting, get a romantic playlist on, and then it’s time to start cooking!

Impress your partner by preparing a special three-course meal of their favorite foods. If you aren’t a confident cook, you could order your partner’s favorite food from a takeaway, as you don’t want to get all stressed before the proposal trying to cook something new. To prevent suspicions arising, you could plan this around Valentine’s or their birthday so they don’t expect a proposal as soon as they walk in! 

This is such a romantic and intimate moment if you are a more private couple, that you will both remember forever. 

Create A Theme! 

The next wedding proposal idea at home is to create a theme around your proposal. This could be inspired by your first date, your favorite holiday location, or the engagement ring. Let’s look at a few examples!

Home cinema

Say your first date was at the cinema, you could set up a home cinema with the film on the TV and all of your favorite snacks and drinks. At the end of the film, you could then show a slideshow of all your favorite memories as a couple, before getting down on one knee and popping the question! This is a really lovely way of reminiscing over your time together before starting a new chapter following your proposal. 

Your favorite holiday location

The next idea is to create a theme based on your favorite holiday location. Take some time to think about the most memorable elements of that place and bring it all together in your own home! This could be your favorite cocktail, some of your funniest photos, and a delicious meal based on that cuisine. You could also dress up in your favorite outfit from the holiday. When the time feels right, you can talk about your favorite holiday and how you want to continue to make memories like that for a lifetime! Romantic, right?!

Don’t forget the ring!

Last but not least, you could inspire the proposal with the engagement ring! For example, if you’ve chosen an art deco engagement ring from the 1920s, you could decorate the room with Gatsby-style decorations, have an outfit ready for your partner and make sure family and friends are free to come and celebrate with you after your proposal at the 20’s party! If you’ve opted for a traditional diamond ring, you could buy some cupcakes each with bright sprinkles, before bringing a special one out with the ring. You can really get creative here with these wedding proposal ideas at home and tying together the proposal with the ring is a great way to make the moment even more special. 

Set Up A DIY Spa

If you want to fully relax with your partner before popping the question, then you should create a DIY spa at home! You could run a bath with tealights and petals, buy some face masks and body scrubs and have fresh towels at the ready. You could even book a mobile nail artist so they have a perfectly prepped manicure ready for the big moment! 

After a few treatments, you could prepare (or locally buy) an afternoon tea. When you get to the sweet course, you can finally ask the big question! If a traditional spa day isn’t quite your thing as a couple, but you want to make the moment relaxing and zen, then a DIY spa in your own home is the perfect solution. 

Fill The Room With Balloons

To create a real wow factor, you can’t beat a room full of balloons as a wedding proposal idea at home! Fill half the balloons with helium so they float up to the ceiling and then fill half with air so that they are on the floor. If you’re going for this option, make sure you commit to it and really fill the room, as it won’t have much of an impact with just a few floating around! 

You could even have “Will You Marry Me” written in balloon letters on the wall. This will make for some great engagement photos, it won’t cost much and it will certainly be a moment your partner remembers for all the right reasons. 

Plan A Scavenger Hunt

If your partner is adventurous, then planning a thoughtful scavenger hunt is both fun and memorable wedding proposal idea at home! You could either do this in your own home or you could start it and finish it at home, but go out to some of your favorite local locations during the day. 

When planning it at home, you could simply hide clues that take your partner around different rooms in the house, finally leading them to a spot for the proposal (you could include the balloon room idea here!). 

For a scavenger hunt that starts and ends at the house, you could write hints about which location is next and visit some of your favorite places. This could be going for breakfast at your favorite cafe, taking a relaxing stroll through a beautiful local park and then going to the cinema where your first date was. When you are out and about, you can ask family and friends to help create a romantic setting for when you arrive back at the house, where you can then propose. This is certainly going to be a proposal to remember, as well as involving some of your favorite spots as a couple! 

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Making your proposal romantic, memorable and fun is simple with these wedding proposal ideas at home. You don’t have to spend a fortune and for some couples, a proposal at home is the perfect scenario. We wish you the best of luck with your proposal and we are sure that you will create memories to last a lifetime. For some tips on how to plan a wedding on a budget, read our blog on $1000 weddings

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