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Ideas to Help You Save Money – Now That the Holidays Are Behind Us

Written By: Eric Williams
Reviewed by: Mike Reyes
Last Updated March 22, 2023

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Whether you are a brand loyalist or part of those who buy products repeatedly, take caution. Chances are your vendor knows its prices are much less favorable compared to most sellers.

They can profit from your loyalty or take you as your reward and charge you non-competitive rates for their products or services.

Avoid making emotional connections to an individual and try to look for an even better deal elsewhere. Suddenly leaving could prompt a new supplier to offer better prices.

It would be easier to keep current customers than to win new ones. Besides, unless they offer free upgrades or discounts, do not despair.

Cancel Any Unused Subscriptions

Subscription services have become an income-generating project for many organizations. This is because when a user subscribes to the company, they tend to be less likely to abandon that subscription.

This largely comes from the sunk-costs fallacy which results in more money being spent.

In a subscription service, the sunk-costs fallacy means canceling a rare use subscription can prove a little difficult since you paid the price already. If you cancel a subscription you accept that your entire investment will be wasted.

Reduce Your Grocery Spending

If one cuts back on grocery shopping every week, the costs decrease. This can be done by planning every meal in advance. This means you can easily estimate the amount you would spend at your next store and this reduces the possibility of spending more.

Another suggestion might be if you consider being meat-free at least one day each week. Take a day or two of the week to enjoy meat-free meals and you’ll quickly start saving money.

The savings are modest and can increase in value as they become bigger.

Get Out of Debt

If you open a savings account and put extra cash aside before you get started, you can probably repay any debt you currently have.

As borrowers get older they get larger debts with a growing interest on loans. When people put off paying the debt, the interest they accumulate will ruin any savings they have saved for them.

Ensure that you have savings goals in place with each month and you should remain debt-free. However, this requires a lot of discipline, and the lack thereof is what lands people in hot water in the first place.

Smooth Your Bills

a spreadhsheet showing where to save money with debt

Bill smoothing is a payment mechanism provided to the utilities where you pay the bill each fortnight rather than paying for the whole bill at the end of the month. It keeps those with tight financial goals from accumulating debt or paying interest.

Richard of Simple Living Australia outlines the same approach for all the everyday expenses in your life. This is one of the best ways to save money while keeping up with your monthly bills.

Think Before you Splurge

Succumbing to quick gratification is a major obstacle to saving money rapidly. Before you make major investments, you should take 3-4 hours to think about it.

This prevents your mind from impulsively thinking about your next big new product or buying to get the requisite boost of serotonin. This is quite common during online shopping, so steer clear of that.

Unless you are truly evaluating yourself, then you should only buy a few things after a certain date. It can help keep your impulse buys under control.

You have enough time to find a more favorable offer elsewhere. Another great tip when you shop online is to hold items in your basket and revisit them. Chances are, you won’t want them anymore.

Track Your Spending

Spending on big things can put people in trouble, but sometimes small things are the ones that cost us the most.

This is why we all have responsibilities in our everyday lives, and if you have a major expense you’ll need lightning fast loans.

Your bank statements will show the amount of money coming into that money.

You may compare them to the budget and see if you’re staying on top of it. Those places will be marked for preservation.

The idea of tracking your spending will discourage impulse purchases and your bank account will look better.

Open a savings account

Saving accounts are often restricted to give you lower interest rates. Savings accounts are where you can deposit or receive most cash – the remaining cash after paying personal expenses.

If you’re prone to forget about your separate savings account, you can set up your account automatically or schedule a transfer to your main account.

If you’re not one to spend money and you’re looking to accrue significant savings then having a reliable savings plan, especially one that’s automated will be incredibly helpful when you save money.

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