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How to start a coffee business online

Written By: Eric Williams
Reviewed by: Mike Reyes
Last Updated December 2, 2023

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Coffee is more popular than ever – a favorite beverage and a fun experience to share with family and friends. This timeless drink served hot or cold in countless recipes also offers numerous health benefits. With more people frequently shopping online, this is a great time to start a coffee business online for fun and profit. Here are answers to questions about launching your own coffee company online.

Is selling coffee online a profitable business?

A well-organized and expertly run Internet business can be highly lucrative. The degree of success for an online coffee business often depends on the quality of the product, the target market, the organized marketing endeavors, and the supplier’s efficiency and reliability. Financiers may recommend starting small to test the product with niche consumers. Surveys and questionnaires to an established clientele help obtain insight into prospective customers’ tastes and interests in the coffee products you plan to sell. With a strong start and sustained effort, you may be able to meet or exceed reasonable profit goals in short order.

To start, it is essential to have a detailed business plan and a realistic budget in place. Keep clear inventory records to see which products sell faster or more than others, and adjust your product offerings accordingly. After collecting customer feedback through reviews, testimonials, surveys, and questionnaires, review the comments and suggestions to find relevant ideas for improving your business in ways that may enhance the profit margin.

Until you establish yourself, expect to earn minimum returns on your investment. Set up an emergency fund to supplement the operating budget and cover unexpected expenses or problems like repairs. Factor in potential inflation costs for products and services. Look for discounts and deals on coffee products and supplier fulfillment. With careful planning, your online coffee business may quickly begin to earn a respectable income.

How much does it cost to start a coffee brand?

The cost of starting your coffee business online will depend on several things. One is the extent of your marketing reach. Don’t try to sell all kinds of coffee to everyone. Choose a product type and a customer niche to build your brand. Start with a well-designed website that will attract viewers in your target range. The website should be as strategically developed as a brick-and-mortar coffee shop to bring viewers to the site and introduce them to your coffee brand. Although many entrepreneurs design their websites based on prior experience or know-how, you may prefer working with a professional Web designer who can add all the bells and whistles needed to compete with other online coffee companies.

If you are social media savvy, you might be able to promote your coffee company through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which are free to use. If you are unfamiliar with optimizing your business visibility on these sites, you can hire a qualified social media specialist to help you market your products. You might be able to start a YouTube channel to promote your business by offering background information or demonstrations on how to brew quality beverages with your coffee.

Other costs include the products, order processing, and delivery. Many startups start by applying for a small business loan or an SBA loan and then repay the loan from coffee sales.

How do I start a small coffee shop?

Start by writing a business plan. This can be a simple document of a few pages that outlines your goals, describes your products, envisions your market, and includes a budget. Your business plan includes job descriptions of any employees you plan to hire. Your business plan will help to organize the coffee shop and handle any issues that may arise during the planning stage before seeking financial support. You can find sample business plan templates online or examine those posted by similar companies. The plan serves as a blueprint for your online coffee shop; you can continually improve it in the future, as needed. Further, you can use the business plan to negotiate with investors and secure a short-term business loan.

Where to start

You will want to plan a marketing campaign by selecting a coffee niche with specific customers. Do you plan to sell ground coffee or coffee beans? And, will you also offer supplemental goods like creamers or baked goods? Will you offer auxiliary brewing equipment and utensils? Avoid overextending your business by marketing everything imaginable to everyone everywhere who enjoys coffee. Streamline your enterprise to shape a brand that will soon become recognizable in the online community.

As you determine the startup costs of your coffee shop, such as inventory, shipping, and employees, along with insurance and taxes, you will know how to price things to attract buyers and build a customer base while making a profit.

Your next steps will be to jump in and take a hands-on approach. Create your coffee brand, design a logo, recruit a supplier, arrange for processing and transport or mailing, confirm financing through a trustworthy lender, and start making connections through word-of-mouth interactions with friends and community associates. A solid business plan will give your coffee shop a strong start with a good chance of success and growth.

What are the risks of opening a coffee shop?

risks of starting an online coffee shop should always be considered

Like any on-the-ground or online business, you should consider possible risks before launching your coffee shop. Be honest about assessing your limitations. Are you going into the business wholeheartedly to earn a living or halfheartedly to dip your toe in the pool of entrepreneurship? Have you done due diligence to prepare for an online business? There are thousands of valuable resources in print and online through books, tutorials, and videos to guide you through the process. Do you have the time to develop, launch, market, and monitor your online coffee shop? If you also have other significant responsibilities, giving your online business the attention it needs to survive and grow may be challenging.

It is a good idea to consult a business lawyer and discuss issues of liability that may affect your company. For example, what if you unknowingly process an order of moldy coffee beans, and a customer has an allergic reaction that leads to filing a claim? Suppose you plan to hire employees to help with the business. In that case, you will need to understand fair labor laws and handle various issues that may have legal ramifications, such as advertising practices and product disclosures.

You may also want to contact an online business accountant who can explain tax requirements, deductions, and income reporting.

Without professional guidance, your coffee shop could eventually get into trouble. Arm yourself with all the information you can find to confidently and competently run your online business.

Is opening a coffee shop a good idea?

Whether to start an online coffee shop is a decision you will need to make. It should not be made lightly or from an uninformed perspective. Learn all you can about online companies and the coffee business. Talk to other entrepreneurs and coffee shop owners. Read trade journals and online blogs of experts in the field.

Running a company requires a significant commitment of time and money. You should reserve both in case a problem or opportunity pops up unexpectedly. Also, you can benefit by connecting with other online business owners to exchange ideas and discuss challenges.

You may want to join local business organizations like the Chamber of commerce. Professional groups like the Kiwanis, Rotary, and Lions are great sources of combined experience and wisdom. Often, these groups sponsor meet-and-greet events and speakers who offer deeper insight into topics that may impact your business. You can also network through these groups to benefit from mentoring and collaborative relationships.

Operating an online coffee shop can be very satisfying as a career. It can also be highly profitable. Consider some of the most popular coffee companies with thousands of busy shops worldwide and online sales and services.

Starting an online coffee business could be a dream if you love coffee and enjoy making people happy. Ensure your plan is well organized and your financial backing is in order. Arrange a marketing strategy to target your customer demographic. Consider your schedule and commitments to ensure you have the time and the means to make your business work.

How much money can a small coffee shop make?

Most coffee shops are small when compared to regular size restaurants. You don’t need a vast space to sell specialty coffee products, which is why it can be done effectively online. With minimal overhead costs and strategic pricing of products, you can earn a lucrative income from an online coffee business. According to, selling between 200 and 250 cups of coffee daily may earn between $100,000 and $200,000 per year.

Remember that your expenses must be balanced against profit when anticipating projected income. In other words, the bills need to be paid before calculating profitability.

However, several variables make it difficult to predict how much your business might earn. For example, what if shipping delays occur due to an economic downturn? If coffee crops shrivel due to bad weather or limited employees, you may not be able to meet your sales goals. Many factors can impact a small business, so you will want to do your best to prepare for those situations, although you can’t know in advance if and when they might occur.

In addition, the more income you make, the higher your taxes will be. A tax attorney specializing in small online companies can be very helpful in estimating taxes so you can set aside adequate amounts for filing each year. Keep an eye on monthly income and expenses to avoid surprises at the end of the fiscal year and when filing your taxes.

What makes a successful online coffee business?

In addition to the above factors, maintaining a persistent can-do attitude can mean the difference between success and failure. With any business venture, you can expect obstacles and setbacks. But when you meet them head-on and find the resources to help you deal with them, you have a good chance of becoming successful.

A personal business should be a priority. Of course, family duties come first. But like any job, your online company requires your full attention. Designate certain hours of each day to tend to your business, respond to customer inquiries, process orders, check shipments, calculate profit and loss, and review your advertising strategies. You may consider posting a blog or increasing your tweets to stay in touch with customers and attract new clientele.

If you start a blog, consider the design and style you want to associate with your business. Will it be lighthearted and fun or in-depth and informative? You could add some background music or relevant graphics from accessible online databases. Posting a blog several days or even weekly can help build a following that might increase sales and lead to word-of-mouth referrals.

Tweeting short announcements, updates, and sales events keep your customers informed to keep your business in mind when thinking about coffee. For many people, this is daily.

Post Instagram photos of new products or favored customers who have made great suggestions to boost your business. Some may have won a prize from a seasonal contest you decide to offer.

Think about all the things you like about your favorite shops and businesses. You can glean ideas from their success that will make your online coffee shop stand apart from the rest and keep your customers coming back.

Coffee business ideas

As referenced above, there are several types of online coffee shops you could open. Like your favorite neighborhood coffee shops, you might want to specialize in one or more of the following options.

Whole bean coffees are sought by people who prefer to grind their beans before brewing a fresh pot. They love the intense aroma of grinding the coffee beans at home. You could pair whole beans with freshly ground coffee ready for brewing upon arrival following shipment.

Flavored coffees are another favorite by those with specialty tastes or some who like experimenting with various flavors. You may want to sell syrups, creams, powders, and toppings that let customers whip up their creative beverages for meals, coffee breaks, or entertaining guests. They can fill a thermos with a tasty blend of specialty ingredients cheaper than frequenting a local coffee shop or bistro.

Pastries that travel well during shipment are another option. Just like transporting deluxe chocolates or renowned cookies by brand-name bakers, your treats could become world-famous due to their distinctive style and taste. Look for original baked goods or create your own recipes to entice customers to try them. You may want to mail a sample with a customer’s first coffee order to try and get them hooked on the pastries.

Coffee supplies and equipment might not be an easy sell for all of your customers. However, the profit margin will likely be higher than for lower-priced items. Coffee brewers, steamers, foamers, mugs, travel cups, customized aprons, and stir sticks are some items people often shop for when brewing their coffee at home. Consider the type of products you would be enthusiastic about selling.

Finding an online coffee business for sale

You might be able to spend less for a startup coffee shop online when you buy one already established. People sell online businesses for many reasons. Some are ready to retire, while others are given opportunities to do other things. Family circumstances may force someone to give up an online coffee shop. Whatever the reason, you might find a great little coffee shop perking along and awaiting your customized fine-tuning to make it your own.

Do an Internet search using key terms like “online businesses for sale” or “coffee shop business opportunity.” If you are inclined to do so, you can also inquire at social media sites, especially LinkedIn’s job section and Craigslist. It wouldn’t hurt to check with area coffee shops or those online to see if they know of a business going up for sale. Browse the Web and ask anyone who likes good coffee to see if they know of a shop that may be going on the market soon.

How to sell coffee online and make money doing it

Many seemingly minor details make an online coffee business popular and successful. In addition to the critical structural and procedural elements outlined above, don’t overlook the minor yet essential aspects of running your online coffee shop.

Work with a graphic designer to develop a readable, focused menu. Ensure all your business documents, from invoices to social media posts, are well-written and accurate. A few minor grammar mistakes can set you apart from the competition in the wrong way. Freelance writers and editors usually quote hourly for website materials and SEO content. So, hire a qualified editor to proofread your documents before posting them online.

Frequently update your website with evergreen content to keep it from being stale or obsolete. Use an appealing layout with simple and user-friendly navigation. Please have a few friends try it out and let you know what needs to be tweaked.

Keep an eye on the supply chain. If some of your product deliveries may be delayed indefinitely, look for quality substitutions with guaranteed delivery dates that your customers will consider buying instead.

Treat every customer with courtesy even when they are rude or wrong. Be firm about your policies. However, show understanding and kindness when stating lousy news that will disappoint a customer.

Attention to the minor details of your coffee shop will gain your customers’ respect and support. The more dedicated you are to an online business, the likelier you will see positive results.


How do I establish an online coffee shop brand?

Start by designing an attractive logo and representative of your business. An example might be a double handful of coffee beans. Choose a name that works with the logo and shop’s theme. Select eye-catching colors that viewers will readily recognize.

Where can I learn how to operate an online business?

You can pick up some helpful books for starting a Web-based business at the library or order them from an online bookstore. You can find tutorials and videos online as well. Take a business class online or on campus at the local community college to learn fundamental business skills.

What are some of the pitfalls to avoid when starting an online business?

Some eager entrepreneurs jump into the business without a business plan, a budget, or the proper licenses, which can lead to problems later. Others fail to accurately calculate the amount of time or resources needed to run the business. Trying to sell your product without a specific marketing plan can disappoint sales. A competent business owner will keep planning for the future even when things go smoothly.

What are the chances of my online coffee shop being successful?

Although uncontrolled factors play a role, success or failure is mainly in your hands. Avoid delegating too much responsibility to others. Maintain oversight to stick with your company goals. Expect occasional mishaps and be prepared to deal with them. Find a professional mentor or small business association guide who can offer advice or suggestions.

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