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How to Save Money by Thrift Shopping

Written By: Eric Williams
Reviewed by: Mike Reyes
Last Updated October 29, 2021

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thrift shopping

Thrift shopping is a term used to refer to shopping at a thrift store, garage sale or flea markets that sell pre-owned clothing. In some cases, these places offer gently worn clothes that look new, which means you can actually get clothes that are still in good condition at a fraction of their actual price. There are many reasons why people may put their clothes up for sale, which is why not all thrifted clothing is necessarily old. Some people regularly do an extensive cleaning of their homes and closets and give identify clothes that no longer fit them, others also may want to get rid of some clothing items because their style or preferences have changed. Additionally, fashion enthusiasts may be concerned with wearing only the latest trends and collections, therefore, items that they deem “last season” may be put up for sale. This is why it is not uncommon for people to find many gems at thrift stores

Thrifting has gained much popularity amongst creatives, who tend to be quite expressive, bold, and often look to experiment with new styles and looks. On the other side, people that appreciate one-of-a-kind items and rare gems also love Thrifting, as it is quite possible to find classic and vintage pieces when doing so. That being said, it is quite clear that thrifting can help you save money whilst giving you access to unique clothing pieces.   

How to thrift shop

While most thrift stores offer clothing, some also have furniture pieces and household items. Unlike shopping at a regular store at the mall, one does not enter a thrift store with a list of what they are planning to walk out with. Thrifting comes with a certain level of excitement because you never really know what you will find on that particular day. While there is no set way of going about thrifting, there are a few suggested ways of approaching it. Firstly, consider selling your own pre-loved or old clothing in order to get some money to use when thrifting; in this way, you may just balance out the costs of buying new clothes and not have to spend any additional money. Secondly, because there are often many items on display or piled up at a thrift store, it is recommended that you start off by scanning all the aisles and racks to identify any pieces that stand out. This will be guided by the color, look and feel that you are going for. You may also find an item that you really like that may not fit as snug as you want it to, but in such a case, you could buy it and then get it tailored. 

With the advent of technology, there is also the option to sell clothes or thrift online. Nowadays, there are many mobile apps and platforms that act as marketplaces for pre-loved clothing. The internet has opened the door to many other income-generating alternatives, such as currency trading. It is no surprise that there is reportedly an increase in the number of new forex traders on the US market, millennials investing in new economies and similar, as people, in general, are actively looking for ways to either make or save money at the moment. 

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