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How to Boost Your Home’s Real Estate Value With Smart Home Devices

Written By: Katie Brenneman
Reviewed by: Mike Reyes
Last Updated August 6, 2023

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No matter what market you’re selling in, you should always find ways to increase your home value beforehand. You want to get as much as possible out of your sale, which often means making a few additions before officially listing. Home repairs can sometimes make a big difference in the overall value. Some people focus on curb appeal and improve their landscaping. Others might make upgrades or even additions to their properties to add value and make their homes more marketable. You might even be considering investing in real estate and want to make the most out of your flips and updates. Those are all solid techniques that can add value to your home before it hits the real estate market. But, in today’s tech-forward society, adding smart home devices can make a real difference. 

In 2022, it was estimated that 57.55 million American homes had smart devices. We’ve seen a steady increase in smart homes over the last few years due to people spending more time at home, accessible technology, and affordability. 

While classic homes can be appealing, most people want comfort and modern amenities, such as smart home devices that can bring  21st-century comfort into any space. 

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how to boost your home’s real estate value with smart home devices before you sell it. 

The Convenience Value

gray Nest thermostat displaying at 63

One of the big draws of smart home technology is that it boosts convenience within the home. It gives you complete control over so many of your property’s features – often without you even having to be in the home to control them.

The interconnectivity benefits of smart home tech allow you to control things like: 

  • Thermostats;
  • Security systems;
  • Indoor and outdoor lights;
  • Electronics;
  • Appliances.

If you work a standard 9-5 job, you could use your phone or a smartwatch to turn on your A/C while you’re on your way home, so you can save energy during the day and still stay cool by the time you get home. If you’re at the grocery store, you can check in on your smart fridge to see what you need to restock. 

We mentioned the integration of smartwatches into this technology, making it even more convenient for people. It’s estimated that 45% of Americans regularly wear a smartwatch. As the name suggests, they’re already a form of smart technology, offering benefits like: 

  • Vibrating alarms;
  • The ability to pay for something without a wallet;
  • Health monitoring;
  • Activity tracking;
  • Real-time maps;
  • Receiving and responding to phone calls;
  • Text messaging.

When you can control the technology in your home from your wrist without having to dig around for your phone, it helps these two types of technology work together even more seamlessly. More people will start to expect that in the future as technology continues to advance. Without investing in smart technology for the home, your listing could be considered outdated, or buyers could view it as something they’ll have to put more money into. That kind of instant gratification and control can be incredibly appealing to potential home buyers. 

Boosting Curb Appeal

Adding to your home’s exterior to make it more appealing to buyers is nothing new. The exterior of your home serves as a first impression to people looking both online and in person. While smart home technology might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about curb appeal, there are plenty of ways in which it can help. 

No, you’re not going to find any smart flowers or bushes — yet. But technology can make it easier to take care of your landscaping efforts, and that can be a huge draw for buyers. 

For example, you can set up smart sprinklers to water your lawn or plants at a certain time each day or manually from your mobile device. You can even link your sprinkler system to your home assistant, like Alexa, and use a voice command to water the lawn. 

Connected exterior lighting is another great way to draw attention to the hard work you’ve put into your home. Smart exterior lighting puts you in control. You can shine a light on pathways, trees, or your home itself and have everything set up on timers so you’re not wasting energy. 

Of course, things like video surveillance systems, cameras, smart locks, and video doorbells can also boost curb appeal and offer potential buyers peace of mind as they look at your home. But we’ll dive a little deeper into smart security later. 

Achieving Energy Efficiency

three solar panels on grassy field

Smart home technology is a fantastic way to reduce your overall energy consumption and save money on utility bills. Nowadays, you can set up your smart home system to control just about every light in your home on your phone or smartwatch. There are also light bulbs available that detect when you’re home and will turn on automatically. Not only do these features improve your overall safety, but they save on electricity. Your lights won’t be on when they aren’t needed, and even if you forget to turn your lights off before leaving the home, you can do so remotely. 

You can also reduce energy consumption by investing in a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats provide the same basic functions as traditional thermostats, but they give you more control. Some even come with sensors that will keep your home at an ideal temperature when you’re there and when you’re away, so you’re not wasting energy. 

Smart thermostats are incredibly convenient, saving up to 23% on your heating and cooling bills. When you use that as a selling point on your listing, your home will immediately become more attractive to potential buyers, whether they’re interested in sustainability or they just want the best value possible. 

You can also reduce your water consumption and stop using so much energy for hot water by installing a smart shower system. These systems learn your daily routine and will set your shower at the optimal temperature and pressure in a matter of minutes. So, there’s no more waiting around and letting the water run before you find the right temperature, only to adjust it a few minutes later. Some might argue that smart showers are more of a luxury or convenience feature, and that might be true. But they can also make it easier to stop wasting so much water, especially for larger families who might be looking for a home upgrade. 

You can also consider buying a smart toilet. Many of them automatically save water by using less of it with each flush, but they also come with benefits like automatic flushing, heated seats, and automatic tank cleaners. So, you can enjoy a bit of luxury while saving money. Kitchens and master bathrooms are most closely judged by home buyers, so spending a bit of extra time and dedication on putting together a “smart” bathroom will benefit your sale. 

Entertainment Value

When people start looking for a home — either online or in person — they’re looking for a place they can see themselves living in. Energy efficiency, security, and convenience are all important and will impact their final choice. If you want to grab their attention, make sure your property is a place that looks inviting and has entertainment features that will make it look more like a home than a house. 

Smart home devices are great for adding more entertainment value to your home. Including AI assistants, smart televisions, sound systems, lights, and plugs can make your home more attractive and make it easier for potential buyers to see themselves having movie nights, video game marathons, dance parties, and so much more. Everything from sound systems to small home theaters can be hugely attractive to buyers, and they don’t necessarily cost as much as you might think. Plus, until you’re ready to list your home, you can enjoy the perks of having that kind of technology yourself!

You might not typically think to leave things like televisions and other small appliances behind, but if you integrate them into your overall smart entertainment system, you’ll likely end up getting more money for your home – money you can use to invest in a new place with upgraded tech. 

Addressing Security Concerns


Safety should be a top priority when using any digital technology. Smart home devices are trending, which means they’re a popular target for cybercriminals who want to invade your privacy and hack important data. 

If you’re using smart devices that directly connect to your home’s Wi-Fi, make sure everything is password protected. Consider linking your smart devices to a separate router with a separate password, so your personal data isn’t completely compromised even if they get hacked. 

If used wisely, smart home devices can protect you and your family in a variety of ways. In some situations, smart lighting can even be used to keep your home safe. When you combine them with a home security system, you can see if anyone might be snooping around your property and turn the lights on remotely. Would-be criminals tend to stay away from houses with a lot of lighting, so you can keep your property secure even when you’re not there. 

Smart security systems and alarms are becoming more popular because they allow you to keep an eye on your home even when you’re not there. With smart home security cameras, you can view everything your camera sees from your phone, and many of the devices will even send you mobile alerts when there’s movement or when someone is at your door. 

You can also invest in smart locks for the home. Smart locks work by allowing you to lock and unlock doors remotely from your phone. This helps to ensure you’re never locked out of your house, and you can keep your home secure when you’re away. If your home is on the market and being shown to different people, you can lock and unlock it for your real estate agent and have peace of mind knowing exactly when people are entering the property and leaving. 

Not only are smart locks convenient and can make your home more secure, but they’ll be a huge draw for potential buyers. 

As you can see, you don’t have to make huge investments in smart technology to make a difference in your home’s value. By adding a few key pieces and deciding how your home would most benefit, you can attract buyers, boost value, and bring your property into the 21st century before listing it. 

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