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Free PayPal Money Instantly – 24 Ingenious Ways

Written By: Eric Williams
Reviewed by: Mike Reyes
Last Updated June 6, 2022

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free paypal money instantly infographic

Lots of people have been wondering about this question lately: what is free PayPal money? Is it really a thing? Can you really get free PayPal money instantly just by doing a few easy tasks?

In this post, we’ll answer all your questions and show you how to do it! So keep reading to find out more. But before that let us understand what exactly is free Paypal money and is it really free?

What is free PayPal money?

Free PayPal money is just as it sounds. As a thank you for performing an activity, PayPal money is delivered to your PayPal account – and it’s immediate!

Once a user has the money in their account, they can do whatever they’d like with it. Many people choose to use it to make a purchase online or just withdraw directly to their bank account – either way, you can spend it however you’d like!

They could also save the money for a rainy day or invest it – there’s really no limit to how one uses this free cash once it’s in your PayPal account.

How to get free Paypal money easily?

There are many options for users who wish to earn free Paypal money instantly, for this reason, we have compiled a list of some best websites to get free PayPal money instantly.

Legit Ways To Get Free PayPal Money Instantly

Let’s dive into the list of some websites that offer free PayPal money instantly into your Paypal account-

Survey Junkie

If you’re looking to make a little extra cash in your spare time, Survey Junkie is the perfect place for you. With Surveys available on a variety of topics, you can easily find one that matches your interests.

And since new surveys are always being added, it’s easy to earn Paypal money on your own schedule. Plus, with PayPal payments starting at just $5, it’s easy to cash out your earnings.

So why not sign up today and start filling out surveys? It’s a great way to make some extra money!


Earn money by doing the things you already do online! Swagbucks is a site that rewards you for completing everyday tasks like watching videos, shopping, and taking surveys.

You can then turn your SB (Swagbucks) into free PayPal money or gift cards to your favorite retailers. Sign up today and start earning!

They also give new members a $10 sign-up bonus if they make a $25 purchase.


Another smart way to earn Paypal money is with Honey. Honey helps users to save on their purchases. Instead of having to claim cashback, Honey will automatically check every purchase they make and award cashback on qualifying purchases.

All you need to do is download the browser extension or mobile app and let Honey do the hard work for you!

Plus, with PayPal’s acquisition of Honey in 2019, you can join honey using your existing PayPal account and start earning rewards right away. With over 17 million members and over $1 billion saved.

Isn’t it the best way to get free PayPal money instantly?


Ready to start earning some extra cash directly to your Paypal account? MyPoints is here to help! with its ‘Search and Earn’ feature, you can win money instantly just by searching the web.

Plus, you can get up to 40% back with every purchase at 2,000 top retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Amazon.

That’s not all – you can also earn money for taking polls, answering surveys, playing games, friend referrals, and even watching certain videos. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and get free Paypal money!


TopCashBack is the perfect way to make some extra cash while shopping online. With over 2,000 retail partners, you can shop at your favorite stores and get cashback on your purchases.

The best part, you can score promo codes to help stretch your earnings even further. And when you tell a friend about TopCashBack, you’ll earn $25 for every person who signs up and makes a qualifying purchase.

So what are you waiting for? With free PayPal cash up for grabs, it’s time to start shopping.


Do you spend your days browsing the Internet, checking out the latest websites and apps? Well, we’ve got some good news for you – there’s a new way to make some extra cash! is looking for people just like you to test out websites and apps for developers. Just sign up and you’ll be able to test out new products and tell developers what you think.

You can earn $10 for every completed test, and it only takes about 20 minutes to complete. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start putting your web-savvy skills to good use!

Isn’t it an awesome way to get free PayPal money instantly?


Another great way to get free Paypal money is, Dosh helps users to save money when they shop at their favorite stores. Users can automatically get cashback when they make purchases through Dosh.

In fact, they will get a notification from Dosh before they complete their purchase so that they can decide where to go!

All a user has to do is download the app and link their credit or debit card. Then, shop as normal at participating retailers to earn cashback. Once a user has earned at least $25, they can withdraw the balance to their PayPal account.


Instacart is a great way to make some extra cash by delivering groceries. You can earn an average of $15 per hour, and there are opportunities to make even more depending on the store you’re delivering from.

Groceries can be delivered in as little as two hours, making them a convenient option for busy people. All you need to do is sign up, pass a quick background check, and you’ll be ready to start earning money with Instacart.

Nielsen Panel

The Nielsen Panel gives the users the opportunity to make money just by using the internet like they do every day.

It is a great opportunity to make some good money directly deposited into your Paypal account.

Nielsen Panel is a website that invites people to make a difference by using the internet the way they already do. And in return, they’ll give free PayPal money.

All a user needs to do is register your devices with them and they’ll pay $50 per device. It’s an easy way to make some extra cash – just by doing what you normally do online.


Are you tired of receiving unwanted charges on your debit card? Or perhaps you’re always forgetting to cancel that subscription for the digital magazine you never read. Either way, Truebill is here to help you save some cash and make sure your bills are always paid on time.

With Truebill, you can track your expenses and never miss a bill again. It’s simple to sign up and connect all of your financial accounts. Then, Truebill will find hidden subscriptions and alert you when your bills are due.

And, the great thing is that they will pay you $5 every time a friend signs up! So what are you waiting for? You can easily make free PayPal money by just referring your friends and family.


ShopAtHome gives the opportunity to its members to earn cashback on everyday purchases made. All you have to do is sign up and every time you shop online, your purchase will be tracked.

Then, you will be rewarded with cashback to your PayPal account. ShopAtHome is a free service, so there’s no reason not to sign up and start making money!

When a user joins this website, they get $10 as a signup bonus just by linking a credit card to their account.


How about playing games and earning money in return? This fun and free app offers gamers a chance to win real money and gift cards. Play your favorite games and rack up points to redeem for rewards. It’s easy to use and great for gaming fans of all levels. The best part is that you’re not wasting your time – you can make free PayPal money while playing!

All a user needs to do is download the app, play games to earn points, and then redeem their points for rewards.


As the name suggests, The website pays money to its users directly in their PayPal account. InboxDollars is one of the best survey apps to help you earn free PayPal money in your spare time.

By using the information you provide, they are able to use it for market research. So, not only do you get paid to watch ads and participate in surveys, but you can also watch videos, play video games, make purchases online, read emails with promotions, and more.

It’s a great way to make a little extra cash each month!


With Ibotta you can make free money by shopping online. All you have to do is download the app, buy certain products from a huge list of retailers, and you’ll get money back. Simply, scan your receipt and start saving.

It is a totally free app that pays its user’s real money for everyday shopping. After you’ve earned $20, you may withdraw funds via PayPal or gift cards.


Rakuten is the perfect way to get rewarded for your everyday shopping. There are more than 2,500 participating retailers, so you’re sure to find your favorite stores.

Plus, cashback starts at just 1%, so there’s no need to wait until you have a lot of purchases to redeem rewards. Simply set up a free account and start getting free money in your Paypal account.

Isn’t it an awesome way to earn some good Paypal cash?

Opinion Outpost

Looking for a fun and easy way to make some extra cash? Opinion Outpost is the answer! This website allows users to simply provide the option and earn free Paypal money. By taking surveys, the user can get points that are redeemable for rewards.

Opinion Outpost is an easy way to make money online without doing too much extra work.


This website is a little different from the others on the list, in order to start working with them, the users have to register on the portal by providing the contact information and then wait for the approval.

They do this to assure that you are a suitable match for the company’s desired demographic. Once the user is approved, they can start earning money by answering questions about demographics and preferences.

What’s more, the website has generous compensation rates meaning that you can earn up to $125 per hour! which is something that not many websites offer. Simply link your bank account or Paypal account to earn free PayPal money.


PrizeRebel is the fun and easy way to earn free PayPal money fast. You can start making money online within seconds of signing up by answering surveys emailed to your inbox.

These anonymous surveys help research companies and organizations learn more about the people who are using their products.

This way, they can better target marketing campaigns with an understanding of what works for different demographics or interests which will hopefully result in increased sales!

Points earned from taking surveys can be redeemed for free PayPal money fast, and you can also make money by referring friends and family members. 


It’s easy to save money at the pump with GetUpside! You can earn up to 25 cents on each gallon of gas you purchase by scanning your receipt and uploading it through this app. It seems like such a simple process, but tons of people are making hundreds in cash back – so don’t wait anymore; download today for free (and get saving)!

You can likely earn an extra $100 in free PayPal cash this year just by using it and you might save up to 35% at restaurants near your location. 

You can then use this free Paypal money to shop online or transfer it to your bank account.


Lucktastic is a free and entertaining way to win free money and prizes while also obtaining rewards. Get ready to play a new match game that will allow you to win money online instantly.

You can also enter for your chance to win daily prizes like PayPal cash, free gift cards, and online shopping sprees. You can call it a Paypal money generator, so what are you waiting for? try this app to earn free Paypal cash.


Who doesn’t want to win some money while they slim down? HealthyWage is offering Income as a reward for losing weight. That’s right, you could earn Paypal money instantly just by achieving your goals of getting into better shape!

The opportunity to earn free money is too good not to be true! You will get paid provided you reach your agreed targets.

Simply connect your Paypal account and start earning money.

Refer Friends

Apart from online surveys, there are so many different sites that offer bonuses for signing up. One of the more common ones is a friend referral scheme, where you get paid once your referrals have completed tasks and signed up using their links- what could be easier?

A great way to earn extra money without doing any work which you can spend later on your online shopping.


a person learning to get free paypal money instantly

This is a little different from other options shared above, however, our end goal is to help you earn free Paypal money instantly. In order to start using this method, you will have to create a free account on the website.

You can rent your car on Getaround to strangers, so they borrow it. This is a great way to make extra money or participate in an environmentally-friendly activity.

This website offers an easy way to provide someone with a trustworthy, reliable car that will not only saves money on petrol but will also help you earn some money.

Getaround is a side hustle that lets you make money by sharing your car. It’s pretty simple to use, just list it and they handle everything else (insurance, logistics of renting out the vehicle(s), scheduling). You can earn PayPal cash fast with this gig depending on how many hours per week you’re willing to invest.


Sweatcoin is the perfect app if you’re looking for an incentive to get out of your house and walk, or simply love strolling!

Every time we take a step in this innovative application it pays us Sweatscoins which can later be redeemed as cash rewards on their site. You have nothing else better do all day anyways so download it now!”

This is a legit app and is not one of those free Paypal money scams. With every 1,000 steps, you will earn Sweatcoins that can be redeemed for gift cards and app downloads.

This app will help you to earn free Paypal money easily.


How can I get free PayPal money instantly?

The options above are the best ways to earn free money. You can try as many as you can to get a more satisfying result.

Can I get free PayPal money on phone?

Yes, you can by using the Sweatcoin app or HealthyWage (for low earners).

Can I really get free PayPal money without surveys?

Yes, you can, the options above are real. There are a lot of options that do not require you to fill surveys and are legit ways to earn money.

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