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Free Books Delivered By Mail

Written By: Eric Williams
Reviewed by: Mike Reyes
Last Updated February 23, 2022
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Is there anything better than curling up with a good book? Maybe receiving one in the mail for free! The good news is that you can get many books for free. In this blog post, we have shared the best places to obtain free books delivered by mail and an explanation of the different types of available book options.

All you need is an internet connection and a mailbox. Check out these services that will send you free books in the mail.

Let’s get started!

Free Books by Mail for Adults

Who doesn’t want free stuff, and there’s nothing better than a free book for a bookworm like you.

If you have covered all the books available in your local library, don’t worry. Instead, we have covered a list of free books for adults. The list below is all about free books provided by mail.


This is an excellent website for book lovers, as it can offer a free copy of any new books for you to read. This website has more books available to read than your local library. Goodreads is where the readers and authors come together to share their feedback and reviews of a book. This is a great way to save money. Goodreads is the best free site that offers free novels and books.

This website has a section of giveaways to find books of your interest. For example, you can Enter the giveaway to win free books sponsored by authors and publishers.

This is a legitimate website, and they offer scam free giveaways to users. However, authors don’t hesitate to share free samples of their books with vivid readers; you can always get free books by mail delivered to your home.

This site is a treasure trove of different genres for readers. Visiting this link will help you find the most eligible books currently available.

Bibles of America

If you are interested in free Christian books, you should definitely check out this website. They offer some excellent reads collected from the different churches and synagogues worldwide. As the name suggests, Bibles of America, this website has a lot to offer for people looking to read free religious Christian books.

If you like to read your free Bible in the form of a physical book, they offer them too. For example, one can get a free bible and other free books by mail.

The best part is you don’t even have to pay for shipping. All you have to do is fill out this form and wait for your Bible to arrive at your doorstep.


They call themselves a catalog of books and have an active community of 2,550,000 book lovers. One can consistently score free books from this website.

One has to register to this website to explore the main features to get started. They offer hundreds of groups of people that discuss books.

By visiting this link, you can get a chance to read 37 books in different genres, including Art, biography, business, horror, and more.

US Constitution and Declaration of Independence 

If you are looking to get a copy of the US constitution, Declaration of Independence, or the Gettysburg address. In that case, this website is the place to be. So it is always a great idea to have a backup copy of the US Constitution in hand.

You can have your physical copy here using this link.

Local Library Book By Mail

Many local libraries send free books by mail to children and adults.

One such library in Prince George’s County Memorial Library delivers printed books and other free copies of books directly by mail to your doorstep. Prince George’s Library sends all the free books by mail to their readers.

If you are a fan of getting free books by mail, you should definitely check this option.

Free Cookbooks By Mail

If you are interested in cooking or baking and want a free recipe book delivered by mail to your doorstep, then this list is a gold mine for you. Anyone can request free books by mail by visiting the websites.

The websites below send a free copy of your fav recipe books online and a printed one.

This website offers free sun maid recipe booklet to its visitors; one can visit this link to grab free copies of the free books. In addition, they offer three variants of the recipe book; the latest one is the 100th-anniversary cookbook.

Sun maid recipe booklet comes in two languages, English and Spanish. You can request them these free books by visiting this page.

JIFFY Mix Recipe Book

Jiffy sends a free recipe book delivered by mail directly to your doorstep by simply filling up the form on their website. They also offer a printed version of the recipes; there is no shipping cost associated with receiving the free recipe books.

You can write reviews on the Jiffy website and post some of your own recipes for everyone to read. This is one of the best ways to save money on buying recipe books. The recipe book includes a lot of old favorites and delicious new recipes. This is one of the best websites to help you get free books by mail. However, there are other options as well.


Are you looking for a way to obtain a lot of magazines for free? We know, we have mentioned at the start of this post that this would be about the free book, but if you want, you can check out the free magazine too, check out ValueMags. When you join this website, you can nab free magazine subscriptions. No strings attached, no credit card required. It’s all free. Virtually all popular magazine subscriptions are here on this website.

Whether entertainment or fashion publications, ValueMags is likely to have them.

Go ahead and check out ValueMags for the most fantastic magazines for free.

Free Books For Kids

happy mother and daughter reading book

Who doesn’t want free books for their kids, right? Find some great places to obtain free books for kids of all ages. We have compiled a list of several great organizations that will mail you free kids’ books.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a great place to get free books for kids. Just sign up, and you will receive one age-appropriate book per month, completely free! They have been sending free books for children since 1995.

This organization focuses on children’s literacy and sharing the love of reading. They have gifted 174,670,526 books to children across the globe.

Getting the books is easy; you have to check the option “Can I register my child” for more details.

You can also check out their FAQ section if you have any doubts.

Once enrolled, your child will start receiving a free book a month in the mail. The only catch is that you must be willing to share your child’s name and address with Dolly Parton’s organization.

They offer free books by mail in the following countries

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Republic Of Ireland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Enchanted Book Reviews 

Who doesn’t enjoy a good book? Reviewers at Enchanted Book Reviews receive free books. They also provide the ability to trade reviews for books.

The best part about this business is that they share the free book information on their blog to learn more about what you’re receiving before requesting it.

The only requirement is that one must have a blog or an amazon account to post the review of the book they will receive.

The link will help you get more information about the program.

Free braille books for children

If you have a blind child at home or at any friend’s house, Braille is the best way to keep them engaged. Blind kids can experience books by feeling them with their fingertips.

The American Action Fund is an excellent resource for blind children. They have a collection of the best free children’s book on the website. On the Free Braille books website, the user can choose from contracted Braille and un-contracted Braille. The free books published on the website are in Braille format specially designed for blind children.

Final Words

Have you taken advantage of these free books? If not, what’s stopping you? There are so many excellent free books waiting to be read, and it doesn’t cost a thing to have them delivered right to your doorstep.

So go ahead and look at the different options we’ve provided – we promise you won’t be disappointed. And if you have any other great sources for getting free books in the mail, please share them in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.

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