Five decentralized platforms where you can play and earn with NFT

Written By: Anna Jakaly
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Last Updated February 3, 2022

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why to not invest in nfts

To play and earn money for this… It was only a dream a few decades ago, but later on, games with money rewards became possible. 

Online gaming typically monetizes through affiliate marketing, in-app purchases, and in-app advertising. In addition, gamers today are quite familiar with in-game coins, such as those in games like Monopoly and CandyCrush. Unfortunately, for so long, these coins have had no value outside of the game itself.

Compared to traditional gaming, crypto gaming offers users the opportunity to increase value by adding to their purchases. A distributed ledger is often used to store tokens, such as in-game merchandise, on crypto networks. Due to the blockchain, you can trade game products for cryptocurrency, which you can later exchange for real money at the CEX.IO Bitcoin exchange website.

If we consider the current situation in the crypto market, maybe it can be an excellent opportunity to gain digital money. Since the advent of cryptocurrency, many things in the world have changed. 

Among the latest trends is GamiFy games, play-to-earn, which offers a user-driven economy designed for game enthusiasts–bridging the gap between virtual worlds and the real world.

Now playing and earning money has become easier, as there are many platforms where you can do this. How to access decentralized gaming platforms? What to do to start earning money for playing games? Let’s figure this out! Read on to discover the details.

How to access platforms with play-to-earn games?

Play-to-earn, or GamiFy, is a new model in decentralized gaming that allows gamers to increase the value of their in-game assets by playing and selling the generated content (heroes, skins, etc.). Financial rewards allow some gamers to earn a full-time income.

A play-to-earn helps users create in-game assets, sell them on marketplaces, and earn NFTs by playing, creating, and participating in gaming economies. 

The play-to-earn concept allows gamers to own their assets and add value with typical in-game activities like breeding creatures, unlocking upgrades, purchasing items, etc. The in-game economy creates value for the community as well as for the developers.

A play-to-earn activity rewards players with assets such as tools and weapons, as well as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency if they wish. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading to learn the different ways you can use play-to-earn games.

What to sell?

By leveling up and improving their characters, or by building structures that other gamers can rent out on their land, users can increase their earning potential regardless of what game they are playing.

A public blockchain is used to store all data with NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Using a global network of computers, this system maintains a distributed, digital record-keeping system. The following benefits exist as a result of leveraging this technology:

  • With game-native cryptocurrencies, transactions can be made and received without an intermediary.
  • It is impossible to remove, counterfeit, or destroy items earned while playing.
  • A player can prove ownership of his or her in-game items easily.
  • Since the underlying gaming company cannot experience technical difficulties, players are no longer at risk of losing track of what they own.

DeFi elements can be found in some games as well, such as staking, where players will lock away certain tokens for the purpose of earning annual interest and other rewards. Such tokens can be used for purchasing in-game items or unlocking new content.

How to play, and what do you need for this?

To participate in a play-to-earn game, you should do the following:

  • Create a Wallet: To store NFT‘s and virtual money, and for in-game transactions. Depending on the blockchain that was used to create the game, you will need a wallet. 
  • Buy items: You can download all GameFi games for free. In most cases, however, players must first buy characters, native crypto tokens, decks of cards, or upgrades before beginning.
  • Replenish crypto wallet: To purchase starter items and progress, you should fund your crypto wallet with a specific cryptocurrency. 

In simple terms, crypto games are video games that are run on cryptocurrency networks and incorporate a distributed ledger architecture, which grants players verifiable ownership of the virtual items contained within the games. In this way, players can trade virtual goods against cryptocurrency, which can then be exchanged for real money.

Top GameFi games right now

If you are looking to participate in these blockchain-based games and earn virtual currencies or NFTs, have a look at few of the best games available.

Alien Worlds

The game takes place in an alien universe consisting of few planets where players fight for scarce resources and mine a cryptocurrency, called Trillium (TLM). Players can also compete against one another, participate in quests, and earn additional income by renting out the land.

With over 2.5 million players, Alien Worlds was the first game to surpass 100,000 users. The reason for this was due to its free-to-play nature and to its metaverse spanning multiple blockchains.

Native crypto token: Trillium (TLM)


The concept of CryptoBlades is modeled after traditional role-playing games like Skyrim and Dark Souls. For earning SKILL tokens, players can fight monsters or complete in-game raids. With weapons, players can gain an edge over their opponents or increase their power. An open market can be used to trade these items.

It is a straightforward game. Characters, weapons, attributes and enemies all inherit four main components: fire, earth, lightning and water. Players will have to utilize and develop strategies to beat their opponents using each component’s strengths and weaknesses.

Native crypto token: Cryptoblades (SKILL)

Axie Infinity

The game Axie Infinity offers playable digital monsters called “Axies” which are bought, bred and traded using its own custom-built sidechain to optimize gameplay.

Breeding, maintaining, and trading rare or unique Axies in the game requires high involvement but can bring excellent profits. Tokens can be earned through battles between these monsters or resource farming quests.

Native crypto tokens: Axie Infinity (AXS) and Smooth love potion (SLP)


The Zoo is a new kind of NFT farming. As well, it’s a gaming platform that includes yield farming, smart pool, NFT card collecting, and NFT battles. 

Platform governance tokens are called $ZOO tokens. Using the $KEY token, you can access treasure chests to earn NFTs. You can stake NFTs to acquire $ZOO Tokens. You can also use the NFTs as currency for fighting.

Native crypto token: ZOO

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