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Become a Pro With These 9 Value Investing Blogs

Written By: Divyesh Bhatasana
Reviewed by: Mike Reyes
Last Updated March 10, 2023

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An investor’s success is directly proportional to their level of knowledge. There are numerous elements to investing, and no single person or blog can cover them all. It’s true that no matter how much time you devote to learning about investing, you’ll only know some things there is to know. This is why you should read only the most reputable value investing blogs.

For our brand new ‘Think Like an Investor’ article on investment, we’ll be taking a look at blogs as yet another tool that today’s investor finds indispensable.

Below are the top 7 value investing blogs for sharpening your investment knowledge.


When they were in their early twenties, they realized that the majority of resources for personal finance guidance were either too general or too old-fashioned to be of any help to them, so they set out to create this website instead by taking help from a website design company

Anyone can be financially stable if they start practicing responsible behaviors while still young. This has the potential to set people on the path to financial independence and give them a fighting shot at retiring on their own terms if it is done correctly and often. Even beyond Justin Grossbard, they boast a plethora of talented writers.

They provide three pillars of knowledge like

  • Investing money
  • Planning money
  • Managing money 

#2. MyWallSt Blog

Every person’s needs can enjoy by the services offered on MyWallSt. Our blog covers topics of interest to all retail investors, from the latest business and stock market news to in-depth analyses of specific stocks and an ever-growing trove of informative content to help you become a better investor. Moreover, it has the industry’s top writers on staff. This writing crew is among the greatest ever assembled; they offer insightful, objective feedback at every stage.

#3. The Reformed Broker

New York City-based financial planner and CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management Joshua M. Brown launched this weblog in November 2008.

This blog discusses financial markets, government policy, economics, media, and popular culture. According to Brown, “numbers, satire, anecdotes, pop culture allusions, sarcasm, fact, fiction, and any other tactic” are all fair game when conveying his market insights.

In addition to the publications mentioned earlier, Brown has also been mentioned in or has contributed to others such as Fortune, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Dow Jones Newswires, Bloomberg, Reuters, and others. In addition to his written work, he frequently provides commentary on CNBC.

#4. Base Hit Investing

Saber Capital Management, LLC is a value investment company led by portfolio manager John Huber. Saber’s goal is long-term capital growth through underappreciated stocks of solid companies. Among the many things he’s written on are:

  • How to Achieve Better Outcomes
  • Banking industry
  • Railroad industry
  • Oil Industry
  • Railroad Industry
  • Insurance Industry
  • Education Industry

#5. A Wealth of Common Sense: Ben Carlson

Carlson takes a user-friendly approach to the art (or science, depending on your point of view) of investing on his blog.

Because it simplifies the stock market and advocates for a long-term investment approach, two of the pillars of what we do at MyWallSt, “A Wealth of Common Sense,” is one of our favorite investing blogs. 

This blog is an excellent resource for all investors, from newcomers to those with more experience, thanks to Carlson’s no-nonsense approach and straightforward manner. In addition, he has one of the most useful Twitter accounts for investors.

#6. Reddit

I don’t think anyone would classify Reddit as a blog, but it’s a treasure trove of knowledge that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. 

Reddit is a social networking platform for uninhibited conversation and debate, in case you were wondering. It is segmented into specialized forums known as subreddits, and they cover just about everything you can imagine and more.

You may get news and join an open debate about the stock market on subreddits like r/stocks, r/investing, r/business, and r/StockMarket. 

If you’re just starting out in the investing world, Quora is a fantastic resource since you can tailor your experience to the community and material there, and you can always get an answer to any question you could have.

#7. Farnam Street: Shane Parish

Farnam Street by Shane Parish isn’t your typical finance blog because it explores human psychology and investigates our motivations. 

If you’re interested in problem-solving,critical thinking, mentorship or just want to learn more about the brain in general, you should check out some of his work on mental models. 

There are over 220 posts in the Philosophy section of this site, but only 18 in the Investing area. This isn’t the blog you turn to in order to find this month’s hottest growth company; instead, it will help you optimize your approach to investing as a whole.

#8. The Brooklyn Investor

Since The Brooklyn Investor doesn’t use his actual name on his site, he maintains an air of mystery. However, he explains that he has spent the majority of his career on Wall Street, where he has worked in the following segments

  • Investment strategy/portfolio management
  • Trading, futures/options 
  • OTC derivatives structuring trading
  • Proprietary trading

However, he explains that he has spent the majority of his career on Wall Street, where he has worked in the following segments.

Having long admired Warren Buffett and other long-term investors, he once said, “it is logical to believe that [he is] long equities that he thinks] are attractive and short the ones that I don’t like etc.” Everything from AAPL and GOOG to the gold standard is fair game for his blog.

#9. The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool is an invaluable tool for individual investors because it serves as a blog, news site, stock advisor, educational resource, and much more. 

The Fool has an excellent staff of writers and analysts, so there is always new material to read. As earnings season approaches, it is the only place we look for updates on the stock market and cryptocurrency stocks trading on crypto exchanges. They also put out a podcast that is highly regarded in the world of financial analysis.

Final Words

All the time, new and exciting articles on investment appear online. Additionally, some of these can disappear over time. We are compiling a list of the best investment blogs of the year and would love to include yours if you know of one or maintain one yourself.

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